Year: <span>2022</span>

Jo Potter – Tonight

Jo Potter – Tonight – Album Review How am I this consistently behind the rest of the world these days?  Back in 2017, when I first reviewed Jo Potter’s music on her album Saved, that record had already been out for NINE YEARS!  And here I am doing it all over again…I’m here busy listening […]Read More

Rvkah – “Replay” / “Love”

Rvkah – “Replay” / “Love” – Singles Review Some people wanna know if you truly remember them…some people are simply moving way too fast… …but we’ll get to that.  #JustAnotherDayInTheLifeOfAMusicCritic Last year, back in August, I was introduced to the music of Rvkah through a couple of singles from The Love EP that I reviewed […]Read More

Jcarbonell – “Crush”

Jcarbonell – “Crush” – Audio Post In just under a week’s time, the brand-new single from Jcarbonell called “Crush” will be made available for ya on every digital platform under the sun around the world online – and you don’t wanna miss out on that!  For real y’all…every so often, we come across a moment […]Read More

Simple Stone – “All The Same”

Simple Stone – “All The Same” – Single Review Perspective is such an interesting thing to me.  Here I am this morning, thinking to myself just how different these next twenty years of human history to come are likely gonna be, and then here I am, listening to Simple Stone’s new single as I’m contemplating […]Read More

FZY – Act 4: Floating

FZY – Act 4: Floating – Album Review If you want a surefire way to know whether or not you fucked up writing a review, you can be sure it’s when an artist or band tells you something to the effect of “next time I’ll make sure to include ______” immediately after you wrote one. […]Read More

Danny End The Dictators – Coincidence Theory

Danny End The Dictators – Coincidence Theory – Album Review Well…let’s see how this band ends up doin’ this time around.  If you read or remember the last review I wrote on Danny End The Dictators and their album The Death Of Sovereignty, you know there were…hmm…let’s say…mixed results…I guess that’s a good way to […]Read More

David Powell And The Speekers – Love

David Powell And The Speekers – Love – Album Review Lemme tell ya folks…I’ve read a lot of things in my life when it comes to liner notes & details about a record & such…and it’s been a long time since the extra information I’ve gotten with any given album feels like it has flown […]Read More

Campfire Sigh – Different Peninsulas

Campfire Sigh – Different Peninsulas – Album Review Interesting band full of colorful sound here, no doubt about that…you can tell they know their music history and have a genuine respect for it…and I dig that.  Now…naturally, it’d be fair to assume that of course – we know one of the players from Campfire Sigh […]Read More

Sherry Ryan – “Sparrow”

Sherry Ryan – “Sparrow” – Single Review “After hearing a CBC radio interview about the white-throated sparrow’s new song taking over North America, Sherry was inspired to write about a change that’s spread all across the nation.” Ohhhhh Sherry.  Don’t you understand that birds aren’t real? I’m kidding of course…I’m referring to another viral hype […]Read More

D2UR – “Right Now”

D2UR – “Right Now” – Single Review Yikes.  I tell ya…it’s a good thing that this song is as solid as it sounds. I was actually just at a show here in Vancouver last week where the opening act announced they were gonna play a ‘pandemic tune’ – and I thought to myself…’alright…everyone gets one, […]Read More