Month: <span>December 2020</span>

SBS Live This Week 143

Some of that live music stuff for ya! Check out Closer from their set at Seven Lounge in Vancouver from back in 2015, and stick around for a bonus video from Lethal Halo live at Olympia! To find out more about how to become a part of our show, be an interview guest, or have […]Read More

SBS Podcast 109

Join us for another trip through the awesomeness of the independent music-scene on the Proof Of Purchase sub-series of the SBS Podcast!  Stocked full of bands & artists we know we can count on to deliver the audio gold we’re looking for – we’re here to celebrate Bandcamp Friday once again with a lineup of […]Read More

TXR And The Mad Scientist

“…something about keeping the world safe and educated…”  #heardhomie Here with your daily dose of mask awareness for ya – TXR and the Mad Scientist have linked up to create this new cut/video to shed some light on an issue that’s common sense to most folks with the ability to think for themselves, but there’s […]Read More

CLAUT – “New Day – Keep Me Warm”

Exciting Electro-Pop combination coming to our Canadian pages all the way from where CLAUT is based in Italy – from the looks of things online, they’ve been making a solid return to the scene with their new single “New Day – Keep Me Warm” after being off the grid for a little while – and […]Read More

SFP.Band – “Lovin’ You”

Big shiny tunes…a stunning website/label supporting it all…new promo videos coming out left, right, and center…it’s been a very exciting & productive breakout year for Maria Chabo and her music in SFP.Band.  Earlier this year back in October we were introduced to samples of singles called “Yearning” and “Falling” – which not only gave us […]Read More

Galliano Sommavilla – Breathe

Galliano Sommavilla – Breathe – Album Review Hmmmm… You know…I’m not always the most observant dude in the universe, but from scanning the titles of this new Galliano Sommavilla record, I feel like I might be picking up on a theme here… Every so often out there in the scene you run into characters like […]Read More

Ricardo Katsuki – “MegaMashUp Best 2020”

“You’re in the mix with the one & only Ricardo Katsuki” this morning! Or night.  Whatever time it is right now is a great time for this dude’s party vibes. We’d have to double-check on the full list & all, but it seems like master mixologist Ricardo Katsuki has managed to fit just about every […]Read More