TXR And The Mad Scientist

 TXR And The Mad Scientist

“…something about keeping the world safe and educated…”  #heardhomie

Here with your daily dose of mask awareness for ya – TXR and the Mad Scientist have linked up to create this new cut/video to shed some light on an issue that’s common sense to most folks with the ability to think for themselves, but there’s still many people slippin’ through the cracks when it comes to all that.  Ready to educate ya with smooth Hip-Hop vibes and on-point visual entertainment that keeps movin’ & groovin’ at a steady pace guaranteed to draw in the eyes & ears of the people – TXR puts personality across through every syllable he’s spittin.’  Riding the edge of his own sanity and trying to maintain his grip in amongst the madness of present-day society and all the Covid-craziness goin’ on – TXR is just tryin’ to hold it together while holdin’ his own confidently on the m-i-c.  Dude’s come about all this with the right approach – enticing sound, stellar vibes, and a video that keeps it light onscreen while delivering serious observations that make some damn sense yo!  Pay attention y’all – TXR and the Mad Scientist are here to spread some rhymes, good times, and drop some knowledge bombs in the process.  Mask essential – housecoat optional – check out the latest cut from TXR and the Mad Scientist below!

Find out more about TXR from the official links below!

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/0vntpO0qbu5CSss4eXUzaJ

Deezer:  https://www.deezer.com/de/artist/537672

Apple Music:  https://music.apple.com/nz/artist/txr/281334189

Tidal:  https://tidal.com/browse/artist/4886289

Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/OklaVegas-Vol-1-Explicit-txr/dp/B07BR1VFGJ

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