CLAUT – “New Day – Keep Me Warm”

 CLAUT – “New Day – Keep Me Warm”

Exciting Electro-Pop combination coming to our Canadian pages all the way from where CLAUT is based in Italy – from the looks of things online, they’ve been making a solid return to the scene with their new single “New Day – Keep Me Warm” after being off the grid for a little while – and from the sounds of things, they’re coming back more inspired than ever.  In a stellar, celebratory blend of versatility & hybrid style/sound – CLAUT creates an insatiably addictive depth to their music on “New Day – Keep Me Warm” that’ll take listeners on a journey through Electro, Pop, New Wave, and Post-Punk vibes, all in this one remarkable experience.  Created by a duo that is listed online as CLAUT#1 and CLAUT#2 – you can tell how much this team of two loves to make music, and you can hear how stoked they are to be back in action in the spotlight where they belong in 2020 with the release of their brand-new tune & the vibrant video supporting it.  It’d be tough enough to resist a track like this that lyrically encourages us all to keep the music turned up from night til the early morning – but they make it even tougher to turn away by putting in a flawless performance into a radiantly engaging single like this – listeners will definitely latch onto and love the aura & energy within and surrounding the music of CLAUT.  Ready to heat up your speakers this winter with “New Day – Keep Me Warm” – is as catchy as it is dreamy, as pure with its sentiment & intentions as it is all-out entertaining, and it’s a comeback single that fully proves CLAUT has circled back to the place they truly belong, making music, for YOU.  Check it out for yourself – give “New Day – Keep Me Warm” a click below and find out what CLAUT is all about!

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