Ricardo Katsuki – “MegaMashUp Best 2020”

 Ricardo Katsuki – “MegaMashUp Best 2020”

You’re in the mix with the one & only Ricardo Katsuki” this morning!

Or night.  Whatever time it is right now is a great time for this dude’s party vibes.

We’d have to double-check on the full list & all, but it seems like master mixologist Ricardo Katsuki has managed to fit just about every celebrity & sound under the sun into one radiantly colorful collage of sound & style throughout his “MegaMashUp Best 2020” set.  In a spectacular hybrid blend of audio-awesomeness gathered from far & wide throughout the music-scene, Ricardo puts his production skills in the center of the spotlight as he mixes, transitions, switches, and flips the script from what you think you know into something vibrantly different altogether.  Art inspires art when it comes to the many influences on Katsuki’s craft, and multi-faceted mashups like you’ll hear in this nine-minute mix from Ricardo proves he’s got the professional chops required to use sound in every style to his advantage, while also generating something genuinely exciting and new for YOU in the process!  Versatility is this dude’s friend – and Ricardo clearly has a massive depth of knowledge when it comes to the music out there in the world, given that he’s got so much of it so seamlessly flowing together into one experience on “MegaMashUp Best 2020.”  His sound is mesmerizing & vibrantly flexible, he’s got serious finesse on the studio boards, and the results of his endless creativity & talent speak for themselves in a radiant variety of ways throughout the impressive mix of style & sound on “MegaMashUp Best 2020” – check it out for yourself below!

Find more music & videos by Ricardo Katsuki at his official channel at YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbTljZ6IcfpkjobCJkgNbuQ

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