Month: <span>November 2019</span>

Imani Wj Wright & Muammar Muhammad – “Lately”

Imani Wj Wright & Muammar Muhammad – “Lately” – Single Review Imani Wj Wright continues to tighten up the corners of his relentlessly artistic signature style and sharpen the degree of accessibility in his material.  As I’ve been pointing out from day one on our pages here at sleepingbagstudios in support of this guy, the […]Read More

Ltronnika – “Island Breeze”

It definitely seems like Ltronnika has been up to something this year.  If my math is correct, this would be the fifth cut we’ve posted up at our pages in 2019…all songs featuring a highly cohesive sound – even the artwork is essentially the same time after time, leading us to believe that there’s likely […]Read More

Gentry Fox – Rare Demo Shit, Vol. 2

Gentry Fox – Rare Demo Shit, Vol. 2 – Album Review I got lots to say here about our man Gentry Fox homies – y’all been warned!  He’s put the effort into this comeback record and sequel to Rare Demo Shit, Vol. 1 – the least I can do is repay the favor in words. […]Read More

Ozaka Bondage – “Tiny Giants”

Here’s the exact kind of energy you want to start your day with!  Ozaka Bondage is here to supply ya with plenty of audible grooves, wild instrumentation, and relentlessly catchy hooks on their latest single called “Tiny Giants” – this is all kinds of spectacular fun that you’re gonna wanna get in on.  Especially when […]Read More

Kerry Jayne – Romance Of Many Dimensions

Kerry Jayne – Romance Of Many Dimensions – Album Review Just a heads up for you all…there’s history here. I had the privilege & honor of being Kerry Jayne’s first-ever interview back in 2013 when I met her on Vancouver Island.  One of the sweetest people/artists I’ve ever encountered throughout the years still to this […]Read More

Chris Maragoth – “Hoping For Salvation” Featuring RoT

Chris Maragoth – “Hoping For Salvation” Featuring RoT – Music Video Release/Review I’ll fully admit, for about thirty or forty seconds, Chris Maragoth had me questioning whether or not my instincts were correct.  I had it in my mind that listening to the new single “Hoping For Salvation” was going to send me deep into […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 118

Rippin’ another set right outta the vault for ya – we head back to 2014 when we hit up The Backstage Lounge in Vancouver to see Scissortooth scorch the stage after Gyrus started the show opening up for Fey & Closer on an unforgettable night of Metal and mayhem. Stick around for a bonus video […]Read More

Jusky – “Just Beautiful”

Start your day off with a whole bunch of radiant smiles and sweetness in sound – Jusky is here to provide ya with all that & more on his brand-new single “Just Beautiful.”  With delicate & inviting vocals, Jusky shines in this combination of Pop/R&B from the microphone, while also celebrating what makes our shared […]Read More

Trey Wonder – “Happy With Me”

After over a verifiable more-than half-million streams on Spotify and scoring tons of support from listeners all-around the world digging on Hawaiian-based punker Trey Wonder’s 2018 record The Ghost Of My Father, he’s back in action with an amped-up new single called “Happy With Me.”  To be fair – he’s been rockin’ strong throughout the […]Read More

Stefanion – “Instagram”

Taking on The Gram! Artist Stefanion has got a few things on his mind that he wants to share with y’all on his new cut “Instagram” produced by HXTEL BE4TS – so listen up!  Working with stylistic Trap vibes and venomous lyrical bars aimed directly at the social-media giant and those that use the platform […]Read More