Stefanion – “Instagram”

 Stefanion – “Instagram”

Taking on The Gram!

Artist Stefanion has got a few things on his mind that he wants to share with y’all on his new cut “Instagram” produced by HXTEL BE4TS – so listen up!  Working with stylistic Trap vibes and venomous lyrical bars aimed directly at the social-media giant and those that use the platform without thinking about what the people really see in those posts, Stefanion is here to speak his truth and let you in on his thoughts about what he feels is really important to know about The Gram.  Armed with a wicked video stocked full of highly tripped-out visuals where Stefanion is the clear star of the show – make sure you stick around right to the end so that you see the disclaimer he’s added to the final frames.  You’ll see right there in-print that, while “Instagram” might be about the internet hot-spot, he ain’t doin’ this FOR The Gram, he’s making moves on the mic to strike and tell the people out there what’s real y’all.  His new video is not even a week old and already rackin’ up thousands of views out there online – check out “Instagram” by Stefanion – some of you out there might just be surprised by how much you agree with what he’s spittin’ into the mic – have a listen & look at his latest single below.

Ironically, you can find out more about Stefanion at Instagram right here:

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