Month: <span>February 2018</span>

The Gangsta Rabbi – Thick As A Brick / A

The Gangsta Rabbi – Thick As A Brick / A Passion Play – Album Review Daunting record to listen to, even on a visual level.  If you take a quick look at the wav-lines on The Gangsta Rabbi’s take on Jethro Tull’s Thick As A Brick / A Passion Play records, you’ll see there’s next […]Read More

The Boxes – “Angels Are Gone”

Brand-new video from the duo of Angélique and Philippe known as The Boxes for their dreamy pop-electro single “Angels Are Gone” – check it out here if you haven’t already watched it on the new episode of SBS Live This Week or listened to it on the latest episode of the SBS Podcast!     […]Read More

SBS Podcast 045

Of course we’re bringing it!  New episode of the SBS Podcast that’ll take ya from electro all the way to rock in just ten easy steps – sign up now! Your ears will thank you for it.   Your official lineup for episode 045 includes: David Stephenson – “The Electronic Woodpecker” The Boxes – “Angels […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 084

Here’s another one from the vault from the First Five Years series on SBS Live This Week – indie-folk band West My Friend in the studio at SBS live in 2015! Check out a set of beautiful tunes and be sure to stick around for the spotlight on the music of The Boxes and their […]Read More

Dyemare – “Animal”

Wild new cut from rapper Dyemare – “Animal” has this emcee sounding hungry for the mic & right into the vibe.  If you have a look at Dyemare’s social media, you’ll see this listed as part of the ‘Black Panther unofficial soundtrack’ – if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll get how this would fit right […]Read More

J.M. Faupel – Still Breathing / The Smiles You’ll Never

J.M. Faupel – Still Breathing / The Smiles You’ll Never See Again – EP Reviews First off – if you haven’t read through the latest interview on our pages with artist J.M. Faupel – make sure you hit that up at some point, because he’ll give you a few details & tasty tidbits that’ll give […]Read More

Angel Sevilla – “Y Ahora Que”

This is how you party!  Angel Sevilla lets loose with a riotously fun & lively sound on his new single “Y Ahora Que” – and the stunning new video shines a bright spotlight on the entertaining vibe through extremely well-shot story-line & full-band scenes that all look spectacular onscreen.  Check it out for yourself below! […]Read More

J Carter – “I’m On It”

With that sick flow and undeniable smoothness, rapper J Carter twists words into solid rhymes that come alive through his latest single “I’m On It” from his new album Time To Shine – check it out for yourself in the audio-post from this talented emcee below! Be the next artist or band to have your […]Read More

Toner – Self-Titled Sample

Toner – Self-Titled Sample – Singles Review Sometimes it’s rad to get a little freedom of selection – got four tunes from the self-titled album from the best kept secret of Black River Falls, Wisconsin – Toner! Alright…to be fair, I actually have no idea about that…they might not be any kind of secret at […]Read More

Natalie Jean And Levi Moore – “The Letting Go”

Natalie Jean And Levi Moore – “The Letting Go” – Single Review Interesting new single from singer/songwriter Natalie Jean in collaboration with artist Levi Moore – “The Letting Go” courageously explores a relatable theme that many people out there will connect to, which essentially boils down to finding the strength to leave the past behind […]Read More