Natalie Jean And Levi Moore – “The Letting Go”

 Natalie Jean And Levi Moore – “The Letting Go”

Natalie Jean And Levi Moore – “The Letting Go” – Single Review

Interesting new single from singer/songwriter Natalie Jean in collaboration with artist Levi Moore – “The Letting Go” courageously explores a relatable theme that many people out there will connect to, which essentially boils down to finding the strength to leave the past behind in effort to allow the future to even exist.  Especially when it comes to past loves, feelings, emotions, and relationships – in my own experience those are just about the toughest things to file away when it comes to this whole LIFE trip; but it IS possible – and anyone that’s ever been able to make that breakthrough & accomplish the required closure for what was and find that ability to confidently move forward will tell you, the benefits of doing this, are immeasurable.  That it’s ultimately essential to carrying on in a way that will allow you to leave behind what didn’t work conclusively, while allowing yourself to remain open to the possibility that the experience of love can be every bit as beautiful & wonderful as you’ve always imagined it to be.

On a lyrical-level, I think “The Letting Go” does a great job of communicating the importance of moving on and the associated positivity & empowered emotions that come with such a pointed decision and change of direction in life.  The imagery in the words all paint a clear picture of the struggle, but also the potential for what the other side of that struggle can lead to.  Trading the mic between them, Natalie and Levi do a solid job of echoing the sentiment and ambition of the lyrics through their performance.  The slight growl and edge you’ll hear in Natalie’s vocals at times throughout this song hint at that strength it takes to break free from the past and start towards the future with that newfound confidence.   Levi provides a wonderful sound in contrast…there’s a real sense of wisdom in his words through the way he sings them…that ‘seen-it-all’ kind of sound, but with the added touch of comfort like a warm smile or hug of approval.  I think they both have some exceptional highlights in their performances; at times I found Natalie’s verses to include a few stranger choices in her technique & approach in how she goes about singing a few spots in the verses, but at the end of the day, she always found a way to hit the intended tone right on the mark.  By stranger, I suppose what I’m saying is, she’s stylistically approaching this song in the way she’s singing it…it’s almost like it includes a half-hum/half-singing combination whereby you can feel there’s still 10% of the full-power being reined-in or like you can hear her controlling each inflection somehow.  The chorus allows her to fully express her most confident tones with more freedom, allowing her to really communicate the importance of this song’s most poignant statements overall by embracing the moment and giving it the energy it needed in a fantastic combination of grace and empowerment delivered in a smooth & uplifting vibe.  The hooks of the chorus are genuinely strong…I think there are some highly interesting textures in the sound of Natalie’s vocals here that continually grab your attention for the unique way she sings the words, and I also think that the writing itself is pretty much bulletproof – the chorus of “The Letting Go” has the kind of hook that is going to stick with you for a very long time.  Natalie’s chosen exceptionally well in collaborating with Levi for this single – he’s got an incredible classic-sparkle to his vocals that really suits the lyrics he sings and he really assists in making this track a beautiful experience to listen to as it evolves, blossoms and develops into a duet as it plays.

Musically, certainly no complaints…I think “The Letting Go” has plenty of charm and appeal in the subtle way the music works between what sounds like muted acoustic strings and bold piano notes.  It’s a smooth glide from verse to chorus, expanding the sound in the atmosphere with a warm glow, adding-in more elements to the background to wrap the listener up tight in the experience.  All-in-all, I think Natalie and Levi have put a lot of heart into their performances and connected to the meaning behind the words in this song really well, which complements the energy & sway of the gentleness in the music.  “The Letting Go” is the kind of song that’s written & performed in such a way that it’s bound to reach someone out there at a time they’ll need to hear it most…it’s an inspiring idea well-executed and certainly the kind of combination of knowledge, experience, emotions, & hooks you’ll remember.

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