Month: <span>February 2018</span>

Imani Wj Wright – “Coffee Cup”

Imani Wj Wright – “Coffee Cup” – Single Review Gotta say – I’m really enjoying watching/listening to Imani Wj Wright’s music evolve.  Even from a distance, if you get exposed to enough of someone’s art or music, you can get a real sense of satisfaction in seeing an artist blossom into their own and navigate […]Read More

SBS Podcast 042

A lineup full of inspired indie artists & bands sure to have an awesome year in 2018 – including rants on new music Monkey Fightin’ Snakes and Rainy Day Crush!  Tons of rad reasons to check this new episode out – here’s a whole list of’em below!   Your official show lineup includes: Crow Eats […]Read More


JUSHAUN – “BIMBA” – Music Video Release/Review JUSHAUN continues to display all the makings of a serious superstar in Rap & Hip-Hop. After checking out his single “Bank Account (Remix)” just a couple months back, we could tell this emcee was onto something real with his precision flow and intensity on the mic.  Back again […]Read More

Randall Lee Richards – “While You Were Sleeping”

Randall Lee Richards – “While You Were Sleeping” – Single Review Alright – let’s jump into this new single from singer/songwriter Randall Lee Richards.  Two things immediately made an impression on my ears as I began to listen to his latest song “While You Were Sleeping” – one being that the man has a tremendously […]Read More

Monkey Fightin’ Snakes – Broken OFF Switch

Monkey Fightin’ Snakes – Broken OFF Switch – Album Review A couple years back, we checked out the versatile rock sounds of Toronto-based Monkey Fightin’ Snakes for the first time from a safe distance on the other side of Canada, back when the studio was in BC and we reviewed their Finish What You Star… […]Read More

Willi3Hymn – “Diva Deville”

Willi3Hymn – “Diva Deville” – Music Video Release/Review It takes a no-holds-barred approach and wild attitude on the m-i-c to stand-out as an emcee – and that’s exactly what rapper Willi3Hymn brings to the game on his new chilled-out Trap single “Diva Deville.”  You can hear the charisma in the way he transitions through the […]Read More

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