Month: <span>February 2018</span>

J.M. Faupel

Interview with J.M. Faupel SBS:   Josh!  Brother-man!  Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us all.  I’ve been checking out your tracks from the Still Breathing EP and your latest release, The Smiles You’ll Never See Again – and I’ve definitely got a ton of questions on what’s happening with those.  Before […]Read More

Daniel Biro – 120 Onetwenty

Daniel Biro – 120 Onetwenty– Album Review If you take a look at his lengthy list of credentials, you’ll know that this isn’t Daniel Biro’s first rodeo.  From film & TV credits, to the numerous collaborations he’s been a part of, to the twelve albums he’s put out into the world – Daniel is clearly […]Read More

Ben Noble – “Cutting Teeth”

Ben Noble – “Cutting Teeth” – Single Review Instant chills. You could hear a pin drop in this place right now in between the sweet notes from the gentle acoustic sound of the carefully crafted melody emanating from Ben Noble’s guitar on his new single “Cutting Teeth” from his album Whiskey Priest.  This song is […]Read More

Strangejuice – “Fishing Line 1000 Miles Deep”

Strangejuice – “Fishing Line 1000 Miles Deep” – Music Video Release/Review I’ve got all the time in the world for a video/song combination like this.  You should too. When it comes to creating something visually with your music, you’ve really gotta ask yourself whether or not you’ve done what it takes to have the effort […]Read More

Dino – Dinology

Dino – Dinology – EP Review An emcee that’s always welcome on our playlist here, word on the street is that rapper Dino is set to take over 2018 with a ton of music coming out this year.  That’s what’s good as far this year and I’m concerned…awesome to know this charismatic entertainer is still […]Read More

Kaseeno – “Comun Y Corriente”

Highly entertaining new single/video from rap-artist Kaseeno – a real 1-2 punch!  The video for “Comun Y Corriente” actually features Christian ‘MC’ Camacho, the son of boxing legend Macho Camacho – and you’ll see in these scenes at the gym and in the studio that it’s game time no matter where they go.  Through clouds […]Read More

Room 1985 – Room 1985

Room 1985 – Room 1985 – Album Review What a couple of trippers!  Any artist or band that lists Com Truise in the ‘artists we also like’ section of their social media pages damn near always gets a thumbs-up from me.  Seriously – that’s rare.  Those of us who spend our time listening to music […]Read More

Lee Harvey Osmond – “Loser Without Your Love”

Tom Wilson has gotta be one of the raddest & baddest musicians to have ever strapped on a guitar – and what a voice!  Ever since his days spent in Junkhouse I’ve been a massive fan – had a chance to check out Lee Harvey Osmond live too when they hit Vancouver in like…hmm…probably 2014 […]Read More

Avicii – “Without You” (Niya’s Mix)

Check out the fresh energy and revitalized take on Avicii’s hit-single “Without You,” featuring Sandro Cavazza, from the perspective and all-new level that electro-artist Niya takes this exciting cut to through this brand-new mix.  Retaining the essence of what made the original great and expanding the ideas even further, the wild & vibrant sounds of […]Read More

Mrs. Inspire – “Awaiting My King”

Mrs. Inspire – “Awaiting My King” – Single Review Well now…it’s always nice when someone lives up to their name like this, isn’t it? Mrs. Inspire’s new single “Awaiting My King” clearly aims to inspire…to encourage…to provide hope, comfort and a light to others out there for a time when they need it most.  My […]Read More

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