Outrun The Arrow – “Weigh Down My Heart”

 Outrun The Arrow – “Weigh Down My Heart”

Outrun The Arrow – “Weigh Down My Heart” – Single Review

If you’ve been listening to the SBS Podcast lately, then you’ve had a chance to hear this latest single from Outrun The Arrow already – and a wise investment, your ears have certainly made.  This vibrantly electric, bouncy and riotously-fun new cut from the Alberta-based Canadians is completely geared for your summer-stereos…you’ll wanna turn this one up for sure!

First of all, the band is sounding incredible right now!  The punched-up & powerful mix on “Weigh Down My Heart” gives this track a serious pulse and life to the complex dynamics in this tune.  I think we first latched onto the sound of this band about a year or so ago…and to be truthful, I remember them sounding good then – but I don’t know if they sounded THIS good.  Meant in every possible complimentary way…I can’t help it if they’ve stumbled onto something truly golden with the wild-hooks you’ll find on “Weigh Down My Heart” that make this track worth repeating over & over…I figure that’s on the band, not me!

They waste no time and come ripping into this new single with big-beat drums from Brendon Yarwood absolutely thundering from the throne and leading the way.  Really dig the parts he’s written here…the beat itself is intensely unique and extremely focused…he’s done a great job of keeping the music twisting and turning with massive doses of energy, excellent fills and truly smart ideas in the rhythm.  Notably, the bass from Brian Kostersky pounds perfectly alongside the guitars and drums of “Weigh Down My Heart” – the guy is absolutely nailing it and contributing gigantically towards the big-big sound that this single has by being the main rumble that holds this song together.  This allows guitarist Richard Yarwood to get all kinds of inventive with his guitars – the rhythm section is locked-in and holds the fort while he puts a wicked punk/ska riff into the verse before amping-up the energy even further with solid distorted riffs fueling the blazing sound of the chorus.

If somehow you were able to resist the pure-rock temptations of the music, you probably found that the one arrow shot from this quiver that you can’t outrun is the hook and pull of Bridgette Yarwood, lead vocalist.  Unbelievable!  Can’t express just how much great energy she pours into this track – she hits the microphone with stunning confidence and perfect tones.  She keeps the verse captivating and absolutely bursts-open in the heat of the chorus; the hooks in both are insanely sharp and she sings with incredibly versatile melody and range.  Impressive from every angle, Bridgette gives this track its final piece of its puzzle by providing powerful and blazingly-hot vocals that soar with their perfectly controlled, stylistic rock-sound.  She’ll give you a slight glimpse of her lighter-side on “Weigh Down My Heart” but doesn’t give away too much…she’s here to rock this one out and take the reliable creativity of the band and the music straight up to the next level.

The whole thing sounds like a band absolutely hungry and determined to put themselves on the map.  I think it’s an aspect of the music that really makes for a listening experience that gets you completely fired-up with energy and ready to rule the day…and I dig that you can hear just how hard this band works and how professional they’re sounding here on their new single.  “Weigh Down My Heart” is chockfull of spectacular and impressive dynamics, lyrics and writing overall…a song you really can’t help but listen to and admire for the solid structure and powerful arrangement they’ve created.

I’m a big far of the Yarwood-crew and their musically-adopted-brother Brian…Outrun The Arrow is completely heading in the right direction and truly sounding better than they ever have on “Weigh Down My Heart.”  They pound this one out with real authority, confidence and supreme-style – definitely a song that you want to put at the top of your playlist this year.

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