Month: <span>January 2015</span>

Stonebelly – Perspectives & Perceptions

Stonebelly – Perspectives & Perceptions – Album Review Looks like we’re in some exotic flavour in the music this morning! Stonebelly is an interesting musical entity; blending all kinds of styles on the fringe of rock, this exciting band has put together a serious display of tight-skills here on Perspectives & Perceptions. Opening with a […]Read More

The Mad-Hop Project – Music Review

The Mad-Hop Project – Music Review Well folks…the Mad-Hop approach to music might be completely unique…but I’m not so certain the management is! There is a sea of information to go through on this project…and like typical promoters tend to do…they’ve left it up to me to sort through it all. Let me make myself […]Read More

Zayed Hassan – “Symphony For A Longing Heart”

Zayed Hassan – “Symphony For A Longing Heart” – Single Review Here’s an uplifting, inspiring instrumental song full of great emotional tones and a sincere melody. With a blend of what he’s self-described as ‘Ethnic Fusion Indie,’ Zayed Hassan’s latest track “Symphony For A Longing Heart” possesses a gorgeous melody that could win over the […]Read More

Renata Leuffen – In Circles

Renata Leuffen – In Circles – Album Review I think it’s only fair to say…it’s been one of our stranger days reviewing music here today at the ol’ studio now hasn’t it? We’re going to keep the weird & wonderful going here with an album released just at the tail end of 2014, In Circles […]Read More

AHZEM – “Walk Away”

AHZEM – “Walk Away” – Single Review Here’s an interesting and serious track in more ways than one. Not only are the subject matter and lyrics in “Walk Away” completely based in reality, complex issues & emotional states – but it’s also produced by a talented dude going by the moniker of Serious. I don’t […]Read More

SBS Separated 026 – Xcapaid

SBS Separated continues! Enjoy this!  The finale for this first set….here’s one we got to create in an attempt to be as random as possible!  Xcapaid is a fantastic artist to work with – truly enthusiastic.  We’ve had the pleasure of working with him a couple times, and hopefully we haven’t heard the last from […]Read More

Nikki W. – Sad Generation

Nikki W – Sad Generation – EP Review Don’t think for a single moment that I don’t appreciate just how lucky I am…I do…constantly. I’ve had the good fortune to discover some really excellent music as of late; but even I don’t know if I can pinpoint something I’ve heard that I’ve loved as much […]Read More

Zane Brune – A Scenic Harvest

Zane Brune – A Scenic Harvest – Album Review You know…it really wasn’t that long since we last heard Zane Brune, yet it appears this dude is back again to perform another collection of songs in the abstract once more his new album “A Scenic Harvest.” With an album full of creativity, spoken words, emotional […]Read More

The Austin Jones Band – Chasing The Wind

The Austin Jones Band – Chasing The Wind – EP Review Here’s some LUSCIOUS production and great songs from The Austin Jones Band…I’ve had my eyes and ears on this four piece band from the suburbs of Houston all the way from over here in BC, Canada for a while now…and with the release of […]Read More

S.e Elliott & That Awful Rhythm – “The Reverend Nor

S.e Elliott & That Awful Rhythm – “The Reverend Nor The Warden” – Single Review Well…I suppose I’m gonna have to put up some protest here in reviewing this single, “The Reverend Nor The Warden…” Don’t get me wrong…it’s not that I don’t love the song; the problem is that I DO! And I feel […]Read More