Zayed Hassan – “Symphony For A Longing Heart”

 Zayed Hassan – “Symphony For A Longing Heart”

Zayed Hassan – “Symphony For A Longing Heart” – Single Review

Here’s an uplifting, inspiring instrumental song full of great emotional tones and a sincere melody. With a blend of what he’s self-described as ‘Ethnic Fusion Indie,’ Zayed Hassan’s latest track “Symphony For A Longing Heart” possesses a gorgeous melody that could win over the hardest of hearts.

Coming to us all the way from Dhaka, Bangladesh, I’ll fully admit to not being in-tune to what’s happening in their local-scene; but after a slight amount of quick research you can instantly see that Zayed’s music has already picked up quite a reputation. Not that I’m one to believe in nearly any number or statistic in front of me; you can’t argue how impressive it looks when you boot up Zayed’s Facebook page and discover that he’s nearly gathered an astonishing ONE MILLION fans in support of his music. Seriously! Have a look – that’s an impressive number to say the least.

Is it deserved? At the moment, I certainly can’t hear why not. “Symphony For A Longing Heart” starts out with beautiful piano tones against a sweet electro-synth background before adding a soft, warm & inviting drum beat with some horns thrown into the mix. The production is perfect…dreamlike…a sound that makes you want to sit and listen quietly and just behave-your-damn-self for a moment. Adding a melancholy string-sound into the mix about nearly halfway through the song and we’ve found ourselves a winner. Zayed Hassan is proving himself to be a master at the great reveal; even with the slow tempo of the song, he manages a way to make each and every sound radiate beauty in crystal-clarity, bringing out subtle change-ups that twist the track gently through its immaculate transitions.

Definitely a lot of talent for song-writing and melody here. Creating emotional atmospheres with genuine instincts all his own; Zayed Hassan has certainly impressed me with “Symphony For A Longing Heart.” I get much of the same emotion with I listen to The Album Leaf, or the slow-tempo songs from Four Tet…perhaps even some of the older tunes from Prefuse 73…and Hassan should have no problem fitting in with these other impressive acts if he continues along this excellent path he’s put himself on.

If you’re into instrumental electro-music that displays real skill, heart & emotion, then there’s no question about whether or not Zayed Hassan is for you. For the rest of you out there…perhaps a chilled-out moment in time is exactly what you need instead of another cold beer right now – give Zayed Hassan’s “Symphony For A Longing Heart” a listen; let it captivate your mind and take your troubles away for a minute or two…and let the world stop. This song could just as easily qualify as a form of musical therapy; in its harmony and perfection there is a true melodic masterpiece powerful enough to heal the soul.

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