Month: <span>January 2013</span>

Adam Drew

There are some people that exist in this world that need to be heard for their insights and points of view. Just like we brought you the CINGED interview this week on SBS Live – we’re also super STOKED to show off this tremdous solo performer with something to say musically and through his words here […]Read More

SBS Live This Week Original Series 020

Find photos of This Thing from the sleepingbagstudios sessions at the links below! Album #0010: Album #0164: More

What Happened After Tundra Left…

So! SBS origin wise – where were we…? RIGHT! Laura Kelsey had just left our studio with her dog Tundra…. The next couple of months would see us building a show and the start of something phenomenally special – so much so there’s not a single member of our team that wouldn’t be willing to […]Read More

A Unique Point Of View

SleepingBagStudios has continued to triumph in the mission of bringing music of all kinds to you through our show SBS Live This Week! As I mentioned in the previous blog posting, it has been a mind blowing and truly soul enriching experience – something we never want to give up. It has also been fantastic […]Read More


Sometimes all it takes to get a good sense of someone is just a little communication. If I manage to sleep at all, I wake up in the morning to fantastic conversations left behind only hours before and instantly continue the dialogue…. Mark Manthei of Manteye is one of those communicators. Whether it’s through his music or […]Read More

Gameday Regulars

It’s always interesting – no matter what I send out into the void during these interview arrangements on internet articles, it still always surprises me to see what comes back. Some artists have a TON to say – and some artists don’t so much – but they still have that want and need to connect to […]Read More

The Pit – Dead

Be the next artist or band to have your latest song or video featured on our page at sleepingbagstudios by clicking here!Read More