What Happened After Tundra Left…

 What Happened After Tundra Left…

So! SBS origin wise – where were we…? RIGHT! Laura Kelsey had just left our studio with her dog Tundra….

The next couple of months would see us building a show and the start of something phenomenally special – so much so there’s not a single member of our team that wouldn’t be willing to fall on any sword that comes our way, were it threaten the end of this project. We’re 100% loyal to each other – and we carry that same committment and dedication into everything we do with SBS and your music…

That being said – the show has certainly evolved. We ran everything to beyond max capacity, and my personal sleeping pattern was cut from an already short 6 hours a day right down to 4 maximum. I’ve never enjoyed life as much as I have through the ever-growing SBS community and we’re all at the point now where the goals are clear and none of us are willing to sacrifice the reputation that you now all know and like us for.

But it did flounder a bit. I even look at the Laura Kelsey interview now – and you better believe I will be hunting her down later this year to not only catch up on what’s she’s doing – but to also attempt to “fix” the past somewhat. I personally love that episode, despite various audio flaws and a much lesser understanding of the “how to’s” of a video edit – it’s about as real as a show can get, with our full heart genuinely on display from day one. But even my own interview skills weren’t sharpened to where they had once been at this time. You don’t see it, cause I’m not on screen but I hadn’t been in this interview game for about ten years – so I’m 99% reading my questions off the page in this interview – something I’d almost be embarrassed to do now….

I’m pretty relentless in the research – those of you that have come here know I know as much as I can about you before you get here. Or at least I do my best. Sometimes the info doesn’t quite line up, or hasn’t been updated through the sites I stalked you all from for information on your bio’s, band histories, and of course what you had for breakfast. Maybe scratch that last part….

The point being in this line of work – going off the page is bad. Hand-slap bad. Notes are fine! I got no problems with notes. I even write the entire interview out up to 5 times in entirety if I’m having trouble remembering any details – I like to have a conversation – and it just can’t be done if your eyes are glued to the page and not to the band or artist you’re actually talking with. And that changed right after Laura Kelsey left. I knew about both her and her music when she arrived that night somewhat – but I was still missing the confidence I needed to be able to HAVE that conversation without thinking I’d miss a detail or a question I wanted to ask. I’ve come to accept that a better interview of mine, doesn’t include every question I wanted to ask – sometimes they are simply forgotten, and others they are simply replaced by better and more genuine conversation.

But again – Laura Kelsey – I know you read these posts from time to time – it’s here on public record – we need to have you back here, so that we can put you into the studio with the atmosphere an artist like yourself can really maximize. Tundra is still welcome but must now learn to play drums. I’d do it, but I’m a little better at bass, and you play guitar – face it, we’d need a third… Tundra’s limbs all work L.K. – don’t take any excuses!

But each and every show – despite a similar background or setting – has certainly had its own feel or unique flaws. IRON KINGDOM – probably one of the coolest things we’ve shot honestly – was shot with their drummer Amanda almost completely out of every scene. Sorry SBS followers – but I’ve brought you enough hairy, sweaty dudes – it would been nice to at least be able SEE her talking you know? Bah – we did what we could – she’s not invisible, she is there – but that was our major mistake in the Iron Kingdom episode. So much like I want to make up for Laura Kelsey – I’ve always felt the same way here with these metalheads – we could have done a little better. And so we will. I have bassman and knowledge source for all things metal – LEIGHTON HOLMES (Like – if ever there was a name for a bassman eh?) from Iron Kingdom confirmed here to talk about the metal genre. We’ve got a couple ways this could go – we’re actually trying to see if we can’t get some sort of a panel going with a few indie metal heroes and really see some great points of view, coming from people passionate about the music or the genre we’re in…that’s filming later in February this year – but if you missed the Iron Kingdom episode – go check it out. I think you’ll see what we see too. That’s one hell of an incredibly unified band – so to ask for any piece I thought might be a little more delicate of a situation and we are certainly not here to make any trouble for ANY band – but I found the polar opposite waiting for me in that situation. Chris Osterman – lead singer of Iron Kingdom and I discussed at length (Yes, yes – the only way I know how…) – but his overall decision was an immediate yes. He understands that they all need that experience, certainly a great observation from the IK frontman and singer. Always awesome to meet the person at the front of the stage and find out they are not there simply out of ego – Chris Osterman is a stand up guy – and big thanks to him and the rest of Iron Kingdom for sending us Leighton once again to be on the show. I mean – we are basically interrupting their recording of their new album to steal him away for this day. So again IK – BIG thanks to you all…and with the show in the safe confines of its message, style and ideals now – hopefully we can make up for our editing in that first interview experience – because you ALL had amazing things to say, and we’re that much better at what we do now. You deserved more Iron Kingdom – and we hope to get some of that back though our time with Leighton upcoming here in February.

OK! That’s another piece of your SBS origin story. Our flaws and fuck-ups are there on full display – but we try not to consciously move away from that “anything could happen” feeling. Or that honesty we love about the program. There’s excitement that comes with that – and believe me when I say – each one of these blog posts you read – the vision will become just that much clearer about WHY we do what we do. There is absolutely an overall plan in place for what we are up to and where this will go over time. Every one of these pieces of our puzzle have played an overwhelmingly huge part in it all – and I look forward to continuing on the dialogue about these wonderful bands and artists that have helped shape the SBS universe just by simply reaching out and being a part of the experience. You’ve all had a hand in what we’ve become today through your visits, recordings and tremendous creativity.

NEW STUFF. CINGED is on the show next week. You know how excited we all are for this. That’s not a question – that’s a statement. If you’re following us – you know that this is a very important band to SBS, to myself personally, and I believe quite possibly to the world. So do not miss this – I can’t say it enough. I taped the intro for THIS THING for Part II just the other day – and I can still SEE the CINGED subtle adversting I had displayed on my forearms in brutal black sharpie felt. What can I say – they’re now with us in all kinds of ways – up to and including a crazy internet host’s sad idea of a temporary tattoo!

But we’re happy to have them – this is a band that will truly be able to help demonstrate the whys of why we put this video program together in the first place. But that’s not till later January on Wednesday the 30th. If you want to see what you might be in for – make sure to take a look at Part II of the interview with THIS THING on SBS LIVE THIS WEEK as it contains a preview of the CINGED interview within it.

But of course – when we’re serious – you know. CINGED made it an easy decision for us to be an obvious choice for the 3rd podcast episode on The Great Canadian Hitlist with JEFF JEFFRIES. He’s nice enough to let me go on and on about CINGED – but more importantly – he got to both hear and play “A Beautiful Silence” on the podcast. Are you getting this? This guy JJ is a freakin indie hero through and through – that song clocks in at over seven minutes. I get harassed by people the minute I post something over 3 minutes – which is like, everything we’ve ever done! I’m constantly told that you all don’t have the patience or time or the straight up will to watch the show cause it’s too long – but you have been watching. So thank you so much for proving the doubters wrong constantly through your watching of our show. We do this cause we love it. And JJ is just like us that way – so if you’ve got a longer song, and it still needs to be heard – well, he’s got the radio cahones to do the right thing. Make sure to check him out….

Other exciting bands confirmed to come and see us in February for interviews – We’ve got metal band and long standing friends of SBS – AETERNA – will be here. I’ve seen these guys play, and met them in person – this is a band in the metal genre that really knows what they’re talking about & how to make the music they want to play – and they play it extremely well. And they know I’m not a metal guy overall – so think about it that way….they’ve got my attention – there’s an appeal there to this band that can cross that genre barrier.

Rumour also has it that NIXIE will be stopping by our studio. And this is a band that seems more than interesting to me – I’m starting to wonder if they have that sense of wonder and mysticism that could also really demonstrate that link between the art and the music in a similar way as CINGED are doing…I’ll have more on that eventually when we nab them! But musically – I’m beyond stoked they’ve agreed to come out. I’ve heard from many local Vancouverites that this is in fact a band with an immense future ahead of them. So I know I’m not alone when I say the music is incredible. It IS.

Lastly – I want to thank a lot of the artists who have appeared in print with us lately. Phillip Foxley – Manteye – The Danbury Lie/Black Tar Pineapple – and the upcoming piece with someone I think you’ll really like. His name is Adam Drew. At the moment – I’m not all that convinced he’s not a duplicate of myself! Seems to me he’s leaning towards electronic music these days – but he’s been making music for years and has roamed through many genres and styles. Not only does he have the knowledge of the equipment – but the knowledge of all kinds of music from his life spent listening. I’m pretty sure you all know I could talk to someone that knows the spread out variety of music like Adam does for days. And he’s put up with some long messages – but some great talks were had. I have a real feeling we haven’t seen the last of Adam Drew. He thinks he’s old – but if he is old – then I’m ancient. And as you all know I’m FAR from done talking about music – so I need to live at least another 500 years or so to completely say what I feel…or at least I figure. I can’t die – it’s just not responsible you know? I’m excited to pop in on Adam from time to time and see what else is new because I know we’ll both be around a lot longer than we probably ever even thought possible….

OK – speaking of the passage of time – Adam Drew – ….I could apparently sit here all day and type into this circuit box…..have to save the rest of my stories for now.

Keep the volume up my friends.



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