Scott Kirby – “Simple Life”

 Scott Kirby – “Simple Life”

Scott Kirby – “Simple Life” – Single Review

Great Scott!

I’m sure he’s never heard THAT before…probably only every second day of his entire life…

Still…it’s what the kids out there would call #truth or ‘facts’ these days…I pretty much have that thought jump into my head whenever I see Kirby’s name jump back onto my playlists over here…great – Scott!  As in, I’m stoked to see him return any time he shows up, dude writes a killer tune.  Usually a couple moments into listening to one of his new songs, that the same phrase will pop up again, but once more with a slightly different twist…as in, man, this is GREAT Scott!  “Simple Life” is no exception to the rule.

Or a shorter way of saying all this I suppose would just be to say that he’s more than proven himself as a songwriter…to my ears personally, and audibly to thousands-upon-thousands of you out there listening as well – you know it & I know it, Scott really is great at what he does.  We all get the point by now, yes?  Okay then…as much as it might still completely apply, I’m gonna retire the word ‘great’ from the rest of this review because I have truly beat that horse right into the ground haven’t I?  Let’s move on.

What has always made Scott’s music great excellent is that he’s both the perfect host & entertainer, in addition to a highly skilled & authentic storyteller.  Ideas that he’s put forth in the past through singles like “Love Is Just” and “Something To Move” were both immaculately well written & performed – each in its own right a complete confirmation of the incredible ability this man has to connect through music.  Like many of you out there, Kirby draws inspiration from all kinds of things from life to love gathered throughout his own experiences – but one of the really cool twists this time around with “Simple Life” is just how far away he ended up from home in order to appreciate what the “Simple Life” was really all about.  Most of the time, we’re all writing about what we can see ten feet in front of our own eyes – and the “Simple Life” exists on the couch with the TV on.  When it comes to this new single from Scott, he ended up all the way over on the other side of the world to get the insight & inspiration you’ll find.

Here’s what the man himself had to say about it:  “I’d been on a trip to Eastern Europe and bought a guitalele in Dubrovnik near the end of our journey.  After getting home, I was reflecting on my trip and how I was feeling in general.  I fell in love with Bulgaria and the fact that everyone has a garden instead of a lawn.  I had literally just dug up my front yard to make a garden for planting food and I noticed the ‘mud on my feet.’  There’s also some social commentary regarding the “build the wall” movement, which had me thinking quite a bit.  I had just been in a number of places that are surrounded by walls – Kotor, Dubrovnik in Croatia.”  I never tend to leave the studio and live vicariously through the music, bands, and artists like Scott that I listen to…so kudos to this man for bringing a little Bulgarian inspiration to us!

Scott’s combining folk-song sensibilities with an upbeat Blues-vibe goin’ on, and certainly noticeable Pop-style hooks in both the music & vocal-melody that’ll prettttttttttty much grab the attention of just about everyone out there one way or the other.  I have been in the past, and remain right to this very moment, a huge fan of Kirby’s voice.  Dude’s a great brilliantly charismatic singer with tremendous tone and pinpoint precision – and he absolutely stuffs “Simple Life” full of soul, style, and skill from the microphone…all with such a remarkably organic, natural cadence, and energy that suits him extremely well.  “Simple Life” has got a playful bounce and a crafted core – but nothing you’ll hear feels forced, overplayed, or insincere – quite the opposite really; it’s a charming, welcoming, and seriously accessible tune that has Scott genuinely loving life – who wouldn’t want to listen to that?  He’s a salt-of-the-earth type guy to begin with…and he sounds just about happier than ever in the thick of this song, right at home with his feet in the dirt and his toes in the mud…connecting with what’s real on this floating rock we all live on.  And that’s the real beauty believe it or not…no matter how muddy he might end up getting in the process…it’s the simplest pleasures that make the “Simple Life” appealing.  The organic enthusiasm and authentic interest he has for this brand-new song, ends up transmitting right to us all.

Key additions that factor in…there are plenty.  From the smart way the keyboard melody strengthens the melody, to the clever way you’ll hear the guitars chime-in and be mixed in to this song, to naturally enticing moments like when Scott will whistle instead of sing – there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  It’s kind of like The Beatles-meets-the Blues here when it comes to the overall sound of “Simple Life,” and I’d have to imagine that all the space in between those two measurements has a ton of fans that would eat a single like this from Scott right up, no problemo.  It’s fun, it’s real, it’s fresh, and it clearly has him sounding inspired – Kirby’s right into this tune and takes us right into the vibe along with him.

Great awesome new tune Scott!

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