Scott Kirby – “Love Is Just”

 Scott Kirby – “Love Is Just”

Scott Kirby – “Love Is Just” – Single Review

I mean…aside from the soul-crushed, heartbroken perspective that the lyrics in Scott Kirby’s latest tune has to offer – this is a bright-spot in music and certainly an undeniable songwriting talent & genuine performer.  Kirby’s got wisdom in the sound of the rasp in his voice…which really adds additional weight to the cautionary tale of personal experience he’s singing about on his new single “Love Is Just.”  Like a great singer/songwriter should always have in their music, you can feel the connection that Kirby has with the words…and as a result, it’s a real bittersweet contrast between the often devastating sentiment of the lyrics, the pain in his voice, the conviction he sings the words with and the stunning sound of the music on “Love Is Just.”  I’m making observations of course…but make no mistake, there’s certainly nothing to complain about when it comes to how Scott’s new song has come out…this is excellent.

Kind of takes me back to a time where you could find Edwin McCain ruling the radio stations & airwaves…and if you were REALLY cool you were listening to projects like Black Lab, Athenaeum and Dog’s Eye View in your CD players as well.  Kirby’s got that…that…that not quite country, not quite alternative, not quite indie, not quite rock, not quite folk thing going-on for him…the indescribable qualities of a songwriter that not only represents the ‘everyman’ but an artist that could also find himself fitting ‘everywhere.’  From soul to R&B, pop and all the genres I’ve listed – I can audibly hear just how versatile Kirby’s sound truly is and just how much potential & success it could go on to find in the multiple arenas that music has for him to express himself in various forms.  I mean…again, don’t get me wrong – what’s happening on “Love Is Just” is more than enough to be seriously happy with the results from the path he’s currently chosen – I’m just pointing out the fact that you can hear Scott Kirby could really end up anywhere and likely find success with his music.  He’s got a timeless sound to his voice, the courage to write about what’s real and the commitment it takes in a performance to make us believe the words he’s singing.

And in that sense, of course, you feel for the guy a lil’ bit here on “Love Is Just” – he’s clearly experienced and felt heartbreak in his life and understands how to also now turn that pain into art.  Songs like this are songs that people need, that people reach out for, that people connect to as if Kirby would be singing to them and their own storylines directly…essentially, he’s written this in such a real way that all-too-many of us out there will be able to relate to its heartbreaking tale.  I always find this kind of combination a really interesting one to listen to in the sense that you can tell a track is based in pain or hard-times of some sort…then it all comes out sounding so damn good like “Love Is Just” does and you actually end up feeling a weird sort of energy that’s comprised of the uplifting spirit that a great song will give you with the emotional heaviness in the weight of the lyrics.  I think it’s that kind of contrast that can really make a song last and make it a highly-repeatable experience time and again.

Really well written tune, equally well performed…just as sweet as it is sad…an uplifting melancholy that exists through the power of a sincere song that hits the mark in an extremely satisfying way.  I dig Scott Kirby’s vibe…there’s real honesty in his soul and real character in his voice…you combine that with his insightful ability to connect to the material he’s writing and the fact that he’s got a sound that can fit in almost everywhere…you gotta like the odds of this guy finding all the success he’s looking for, in life, in music…and chances are, even in love.

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