Scott Kirby – “Simple Life”

Scott Kirby – “Simple Life” – Single Review Great Scott! I’m sure he’s never heard THAT before…probably only every second day of his entire life… Still…it’s what the kids out there would call #truth or ‘facts’ these days…I pretty much have that thought jump into my head whenever I see Kirby’s name jump back onto […]Read More

Scott Kirby – “Something To Move”

Scott Kirby – “Something To Move” – Single Review Definitely not an artist I’ve forgotten – Scott Kirby made a solid gold impression with a tenderized tune he put out last year called “Love Is Just” that showed the depth of his passion & songwriting were going to continually lead him to excellent results when […]Read More

Scott Kirby – “Love Is Just”

Scott Kirby – “Love Is Just” – Single Review I mean…aside from the soul-crushed, heartbroken perspective that the lyrics in Scott Kirby’s latest tune has to offer – this is a bright-spot in music and certainly an undeniable songwriting talent & genuine performer.  Kirby’s got wisdom in the sound of the rasp in his voice…which […]Read More