Yvette Lopez – “Yo Me Vuelvo Loca”

 Yvette Lopez – “Yo Me Vuelvo Loca”

Yvette Lopez – “Yo Me Vuelvo Loca” – Music Video Post

Alrighty!  As promised to ya on the last episode of the SBS Podcast where we played this track & talked about her on our show, we’re back on our pages with the official video post for artist Yvette Lopez’s new song – her debut single, called “Yo Me Vuelvo Loca.”  If you tuned into the show, we introduced ya to a bit of the Latin-Pop sensation’s history in entertainment and talked a lot about the truly wonderful point she’s now reached in her career before we played “Yo Me Vuelvo Loca” as our finale cut on the show – if you haven’t checked out that episode yet, have no fear!  You can do that any time by clicking right here.

There are a ton of positives goin’ on for Yvette as she breaks ground in her career as an artist.  A former Playboy model with a reputation for excellence, exquisitely beautiful, and equally talented – as I talked about on our podcast, there’s no question about the fact she’s already experienced a ton of success in life in a stunning variety of ways…but I maintain, this could very well be the most exciting chapter of her story so far.  Think of it this way…for so long, Lopez has been modeling and a part of the artistic visions & concepts designed by others – and by stepping into the spotlight as a singer/songwriter & solo-artist, Yvette’s now able to embrace her creative freedom unlike ever before and challenge herself in all-new ways.  That’s EXCITING y’all!  Truly – it’s moments like these that make us all feel more ALIVE than we do at any other time…you can feel the inspiration in the air like electricity, the butterflies swirling in your stomach once again…and it’s like the universe all snaps together when talent meets the moment of real opportunity.  I’d imagine that Lopez had quite the busy life throughout the years…and while I’m positive that she could have continued on that path, she made the decision to choose to find out what more she could give to the world.  Focusing in on her longtime passion for music, here we are – her debut single “Yo Me Vuelvo Loca” is out & available now, and it’s all the proof any set of ears would need to know she’s made the right decision in this switch into becoming a solo-artist.  It’s crystal clear that Yvette was born with a whole range of talents from sight to sound, and her new video will easily confirm that for ya.

No doubt that she’s got a catchy single on her hands with “Yo Me Vuelvo Loca,” and a stellar voice to go with it.  To me, you’re not only hearing the sound of a great singer full of confidence and the authentic know-how to entertain – but you’re also hearing the true sound of an artist that has found their way to the place they’ve always been meant to find.  Yvette sounds truly inspired in singing/performing “Yo Me Vuelvo Loca” – and in my opinion, that’s gives this song a radiant sparkle & shine you can audibly hear.  She’s ready to make this moment count y’all…that’s what I’ve been getting at – and the proof is right there in the passionate professionalism she provides ya with, beaming from the screen to the speakers on her debut single.  I think she’s got every reason to be proud of herself for making such a massive shift in her career – especially given the fact that Yvette clearly has everything it takes to thrive as an artist.  I take great comfort in moments like these…knowing that talented people like Lopez find their way to where they truly belong – I think the Latin-Pop fans out there are going to be ecstatic to have her music on their playlists, and that they’ll definitely be looking forward to a whole lot more to come from Yvette.

Now that she’s got her debut out there, I’d be willing to bet the floodgates are open and she’ll have no problem at all dominating the clubs, charts & playlists spinning her new song.  This all seems & sounds like it comes completely natural to her, like her many talents have been inside Yvette Lopez all along and she’s been waiting for the right time to make them all known to the world.  There’s no doubt that her moment in music, is now – she is 100% ready for it, and ready to make her mark as an artist this year.

Find out more about Yvette Lopez from her official website at:  https://www.yvette-lopez.com

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