Yvette Lopez – “Yo Me Vuelvo Loca”

Yvette Lopez – “Yo Me Vuelvo Loca” – Music Video Post Alrighty!  As promised to ya on the last episode of the SBS Podcast where we played this track & talked about her on our show, we’re back on our pages with the official video post for artist Yvette Lopez’s new song – her debut […]Read More

SBS Podcast 148

New music!  You want it, we got it – so come get some! We’ll be spinning music from A Love Like Pi, Acharya, Undocument, Tim Freitag, Slow Coda, and I, Useless, in addition to spending some time to talk about the latest happening with Moon And Aries, Yvette Lopez, and DanK Fancy through special features […]Read More