Young Pije – “MAMASITA”

 Young Pije – “MAMASITA”

Excellent energy & bright colorful vibes in the new single/video for “MAMASITA” from Germany-based artist Young Pije!  Talk about a main hook!  “MAMASITA” is loaded up with stunning sound and a memorable chorus that’ll get you singing along for sure; combined with the slick & cool chill of the beat flowing fluidly throughout Young Pije’s latest cut, there’s exceptional sound from the lefts to the rights, and plenty of beautiful scenery onscreen to keep ya fully entertained.  Solid uniqueness in Young Pije…as listeners, viewers, and watchers, we all definitely hear a lot of music in our lifetimes & see a lot of videos these days…but with everything coming together so flawlessly & beautifully throughout “MAMASITA” – he’s got something here that has hooks people will truly remember and a vibe that pumps out a perfectly uplifting sound at all times, expertly produced by IAVIBEATS.  We’re getting a head start by posting this up here on the page & we’ve got plans to keep on proudly spreading the word – be sure to tune in to the next episode of the SBS Podcast later on this week, where I’ll be talking more about the music of Young Pije – until then, check out the new video & single for yourself by pushing play on “MAMASITA” below!

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