SBS Podcast 069

A whole bunch of fresh energy & great songs on today’s podcast! Got audio-awesomeness comin’ atcha from the lefts & rights with tunes from Alisa Chirco, Porcelain People, RaR Featuring J. Burney, Julia McDonald, Paul De Leon, Olga Solar, Nouri, and Meghan & Caitlin! Also making stops along the way to talk about the new […]Read More

Young Pije – “MAMASITA”

Excellent energy & bright colorful vibes in the new single/video for “MAMASITA” from Germany-based artist Young Pije!  Talk about a main hook!  “MAMASITA” is loaded up with stunning sound and a memorable chorus that’ll get you singing along for sure; combined with the slick & cool chill of the beat flowing fluidly throughout Young Pije’s […]Read More