Working Class Hussys – “Elaine”

 Working Class Hussys – “Elaine”

Working Class Hussys – “Elaine” – Single Review

Good gravy-boat lighthouse!

Working Class Hussys are a perfect example of why it’s so damn hard for some of us reviewers out here to maintain our credibility.  I fully remember my first experience with the music of this band from back in February earlier this year…I reviewed a song called “Things That You Do” – and if you have a read of that on our pages by clickin’ that link there, you’ll see I was more than in favor of what I had heard.

And now here I am, back again, with a new song from Working Class Hussys called “Elaine” – and what?  I have to tell you the same truths I always do…and at the same time, somehow communicate how many light-years beyond the last experience I had this song truly IS?  I wish I could claim anything I’m gonna say here is some kind of hyperbole…but the facts are as clear & plain as they’ve ever been in my opinion – “Elaine” is one of the best singles you’re gonna hear in 2021 without a doubt.  Like I said – I was a fan – I enjoyed my time listening to “Things That You Do” – it was a quaint & quirky & sweet tune that would have almost been impossible NOT to enjoy, you follow me?  But this…THIS single “Elaine” here?  This is just as straight-up irresistible as music can be if you ask me – I’ll NEVER be able to get enough of this cut.

Feel free to quote that back to me years later down the road if you like – and maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll turn this song down for a VERY brief moment at that point in time so that I can listen to you.  Maybe.

Honestly…I fail to understand what the heck else anyone could pack into the three minutes of “Elaine” to make it any better than it already is – this single, absolutely freakin’ SLAYS by any measure.  When it began with the bass-lines kickin’ and the vocal melody from Ian Gentles bending around’em, I already felt like I was on solid enough ground…but then it happened – right at the twenty-three second mark, you’re introduced to the live-wire spark that’s gonna catapult this song straight to the top of your playlists.  Revealed masterfully, Gentles weaves the songwriting of this cut and its structure with such extraordinary dynamics, it’s truly nothing short of award-worthy when you consider the effort that would have gone into the perfection you hear.  The way this song moves at such an understatedly rapid pace, and then absolutely reaches out to shake you & rattle your bones as it livens-up to that next level – I mean…to talk about this, or write about it is one thing…to experience this song, is entirely another.  You freakin’ FEEL the energy of this song surge right through you…and piece by piece, Working Class Hussys unleash a track so filled with wild sound, colorful neon hooks, and gripping melody that continually makes you think you’ve heard the best moment it offers, until the next part comes along, and so on & so on.  No matter which element you examine, this track has literally got it ALL – the hooks are off the charts to begin with, and come audibly from EVERYWHERE…but credit where credit is due – Ian’s on a whole other planet here with what he brings to “Elaine” – it’s without a doubt one of the best performances I’ve heard from any singer this year, which ultimately leads me right to why I feel as strongly about this song as I do.  He’s riffin’ his way into that theatrical/dramatic approach to Indie-Rock that’s been perfected by Brendon Urie, and of course started by The Beatles long ago – no matter how ya slice it, Working Class Hussys aren’t just working with fantastic ideas & sound here – but the timeless kind as well.  I listen to a song like “Elaine” and I know that it’s simply going to hold up for years & years on my playlist over here…it’s one of the most vivid, professional, and fully-realized songs I’ve had the privilege of listening to – nevermind this year – I’m essentially talking about ANY year.  There are no if, ands, or buts about it – Working Class Hussys exceed any expectations I could have had…and that’s truly sayin’ something significant.  Like I’ve been tellin’ ya – “Things That You Do” was a solid single – but this…THIS…”Elaine” just full-on blew my mind, 100%.  From the captivating lead vocals, to the brilliant contributions the backing vocals make, to the clever addition of horns in the mix to add even more color to the sound…to those same very insatiable bass-lines that started this all on the right notes from square one – there’s absolutely nothing not to love about “Elaine,” and every freakin’ reason to turn this UP as loud as you can.  No matter how many times I’ve listened…and believe me, though I haven’t had this cut very long, it is ALL my neighbors have heard for quite some time now…EVERY time I repeat my way through it, Ian’s vocals are so magnificently controlled, professional, and explosive on a nuclear level that it’s pretty much gonna be the ONLY thing I wanna listen to for this next week straight whenever I get another three-minutes of free time to light this mother UP again.  “Elaine” is as addictive as music can potentially get if you ask me; it’s stunningly well-constructed, performed with the supreme confidence the material deserved, and every bit as much of an undeniable highlight in the Working Class Hussys catalog as it is for the year 2021 overall.  Your playlists are not complete without this song on it.

Their first official EP comes out TOMORROW – you should be EXCITED about that and waking up to listen like Christmas came early.

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