Working Class Hussys – “Things That You Do”

 Working Class Hussys – “Things That You Do”

Working Class Hussys – “Things That You Do” – Single Review

Mmmm hmmm!  Yes to this!

Believe me…if you’ve listened to as many tunes as I have throughout this lifetime, you can’t mistake the sound of someone that was born to make music.  This guy right here…a one Mr. Ian Patrick Gentles, is certainly included – I can promise ya it won’t take more than mere seconds to recognize the craft this guy puts into his songwriting; and alongside his band in Working Class Hussys, they’re getting results.

Well…not JUST results…but results to be proud of, and results that are bound to catch your attention.

Take this single right here for example – the latest offering from the band called “Things That You Do,” which just came out days ago & has its own stellar animated video supporting it – that one!  Here’s a solid glimpse at spectacular songwriting and engaging execution combined, without question.  You’ll hear these verses…and you’ll dig’em…you’ll hear the pre-chorus and dig that too most likely…and then when you hear how Working Class Hussys slide right into the gripping hooks of this song’s biggest moments in its chorus, and there’s simply no going back or denying how amazing what you’ve heard is from there on.  Best way I can put it, is that where you start at point-A ain’t gonna be where you end up for point-B, you dig?  This song changes that dramatically when it comes right down to it, heading from a sweet & simple design into an awe-inspiring chorus that immediately takes this tune from good to great.

At first it was almost like the WCH were gonna head into something like a Buffalo Springfield sound for a moment…then there’s an upbeat demeanor and playfulness that seemed to enter into the atmosphere, something akin to Eskimo Joe at its most easygoin’ – and then there’s like, this whole light-funk element to it that seemed to take everything beyond comparison, in addition to the difference the chorus makes as well.  Vocally…I’m in love with this cut…lead, background, harmonies – you name it – I love what I’m hearing from the microphone in Working Class Hussys and felt like the sheer amount of personality & bright vibrant sound you’ll find on “Things That You Do” in the instrumentation as well, should send this band hurtling towards a decisive victory in the battle for ear-time out there.  I think the title line itself is likely the only potential sticking point with listeners…and chances are they’re still gonna coast right to your approval based on the strengths surrounding it; personally, I enjoyed how the repetition of “Things That You Do” as a line laid out before the chorus almost created like, a similar feeling like you’d probably get if a record skipped and played a part you enjoyed multiple times before you lifted up the arm of the needle and moved it along.  In this particular case, the incentive is massive…that chorus awaiting you right around the corner is built of PURE MAGIC, astounding sincerity, and completely incredible vocals; so don’t get me wrong, like I said, I enjoy getting stuck on that title line of “Things That You Do,” because it’s purely like each iteration of it creates an insatiable excitement for what we know is about to follow.  Like a dam filling with water, when this song bursts open, it’s unstoppable; the expressive design of the chorus, the resounding passion, and the all-around flawless performance is nothing short of impressive.

Equally addictive too if you ask me.  Not only is it the kind of song that progresses forward and has you straight-up marveling at what’s been accomplished at several points along the way, but it’s got the kind of hooks and upbeat sound that’s guaranteed to have you coming back time & again.  You factor in things like the remarkable amount of personality on the drums, the brilliance of the soaring guitar notes that drift into the main vibes, and the continually enticing & engaging vocals this band has, and it’s more than clear that Working Class Hussys have all the right pieces to succeed, and genuinely wow us all in the process.  It’s a stellar example of two unique aspects in songwriting that stack up to a 100% quality experience all-around; you need that lull of the simplified sweetness & groove that lines the verses in order for the chorus to carry the payload like it sincerely does.  In essence, it’s entirely because of how well this song is structured & designed that each part of “Things That You Do” is bound to make its own impact in its own way – but at the same time, I also can’t imagine any of us out there listening not coming to the conclusion that a chorus like they’ve got here contains that wild degree of intangible magic in the melody that can’t possibly be ignored – what you’ll find there, is what music is all about, full-stop, and it’s exactly this kind of sensory sound that we both seek out, and feel deep inside us all.  It’s moments like this that will have you appreciating the universal language we share more than anything else…you know that spine-tingling feeling you get when listening to the vocals scale up to the heights they reach to capture the melody spot-on, is a feeling that is being felt by ALL who listen.

There’s something absolutely special happening here in Working Class Hussys, and it’s kept them thriving in the scene for years & years.  I’m 100% stoked to hear more for this band any day of the week & twice on Sundays.

Well…that’s fairly close to the truth anyway.  It IS Sunday after all…but I can’t even begin to tell ya how many times I’ve been happy to repeat “Things That You Do.”  What I CAN tell ya, it that it’s been a heck of a lot more than just twice.  Enticing, inviting, relevant…charming and exciting too – “Things That You Do” has a wonderfully universal and accessible vibe to it, and when Working Class Hussys shift the sound so brilliantly from verse to chorus, it’s quite likely to drop your jaws in recognition of that magic we’re always seeking out, but so rarely find.  Love what WCH has goin’ on – tons of potential here, and already remarkable results – “Things That You Do” is memorable in all the right ways – excellent job on this cut.

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