WinstonW – “Purple Eden”

 WinstonW – “Purple Eden”

Hopefully some of y’all out there have been paying attention lately here at the ol’ pages – we’ve been featuring WinstonW in a whole variety of ways, with new music from his EP of his Orwell’s 1984-inspired trilogy of records, the latest of which is called Ignorance Is Strength.  We’ve actually even featured this very single, “Purple Eden” here at our pages this year – but never quite like this; flexing his innovative style even further, WinstonW reaches into the visual realm to create a wild video to go with a truly great song that deserves real quality onscreen support like it’s got now.  Pay close attention – because while the serene music that lines the surface will definitely hit the mark for ya & give you that good-good dose of chilled-out sound you love, things will shift significantly before this video & song are done…there’s an undeniable twist visually & audibly waiting for you in the stunning final moments & conclusion of “Purple Eden” – so be ready!  WinstonW is clearly having a seriously breakout year with his music, he’s finished all three records of a dramatic & thematic trilogy and continues to get the songs out there to the people one way or the other – sometimes even both, just like here with his single “Purple Eden!”  Killer job on the editing & flow of the highly colorful, tripped-out visuals that come with this cut – WinstonW is proving that his focus is paying off, and that his passion for the art, is unmatched.  For real – he crushed it with the movement & design of “Purple Eden” from the original song to the brand-new video – check it out for yourself below!

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