Whiskey Kings – “20 Dollars” (Live @ SBS 2016)

 Whiskey Kings – “20 Dollars” (Live @ SBS 2016)

Oh you lucky people you!

Here’s a video that kills two birds, if not three, with one big stone.  It gives you a solid glimpse of our time with Whiskey Kings on SBS Live This Week doing a song called “20 Dollars” live in the studio – the very last interview we filmed in the ol’ garage!  Their episode of SBS Live This Week is posting up starting this weekend – so DIG this, cause it’s basically a preview of sorts!  You’ll see just how much fun these guys had in the studio from multiple angles…and this song freakin’ rocks!  Whiskey Kings overall ROCK – that’s what they’re all about!

Really did have a great time with these guys…make sure to check out SBS Live This Week episode 048/049 for more music from the band and an entire interview…and be ready to turn it up!



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