SBS Live This Week 144

One of the last spectacular sets we filmed from 2016 back in the ol’ SBS original garage studio – check out Whiskey Kings throw down with a full blast of Rock’n’Roll – and stick around for a bonus cut from Sound Reinforcement live at Studio in 2015 on this episode of SBS Live This Week! […]Read More

0199 – Whiskey Kings (Live @ Studio 2016)

The Whiskey Kings are no longer around, but man they sure put on a great time live when the opportunity came up!  Check out some still shots from when we had a chance to check the band out for the first time in 2016 when they played the stage at Studio in Vancouver, BC!Read More

0181 – Whiskey Kings Album III

More shots from one of the final interviews we did in BC before packing up for Ottawa, we were rocking with Whiskey Kings only days before we made the official move.  Had a great time with these guys and they seriously rocked the garage – check out some more photos from our time with Whiskey […]Read More

0170 – Whiskey Kings Album II

Been a while since we heard from the ol’ Whiskey Kings…hopefully they’re still out there and kickin’ it onstage somewhere!  Since last we checked in with them on SBS Live This Week, lead-singer/guitarist Rick Speke and drummer Corey McPherson have started launching their new band Amberola – so in one way, shape or form…the music […]Read More

0147 – Whiskey Kings

Right before we packed up to move to Ottawa from our home-base in BC, British Columbia – we had one last moment in time to pull off a final interview and managed to squeeze in the five-piece rock-band Whiskey Kings.  The very last interview recorded in the studio…we were already half-packed up and in boxes […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 050

New Music & Videos From: EarDrumCandy, Matt Byron, Pawzilla, Animation1000, The Sunless Sea, David Devereux, Once More, Autumn, Whiskey Kings and Atomm -X-! Spotlight shining on the music of Endsightt – check it out!Read More

SBS Live This Week 049

Part II of our interview with Vancouver Rock-band Whiskey Kings!  They finish their time with us in style and we take a look/listen to more exclusive in-studio performances from the five-piece and feature new videos from Roger Cole & Paul Barrere, Honey Beard and put the spotlight on the music of The Mountain Says No […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 048

Absolutely rad time with Pete, Ryan, Rick, Dave and Corey of Whiskey Kings and I’m proud to present these guys to you all today on SBS Live This Week.  This band from Vancouver exceeded all expectations in an awesome interview and performance – we got about ten or eleven tunes from WK all in all […]Read More

Whiskey Kings – “20 Dollars” (Live @ SBS 2016)

Oh you lucky people you! Here’s a video that kills two birds, if not three, with one big stone.  It gives you a solid glimpse of our time with Whiskey Kings on SBS Live This Week doing a song called “20 Dollars” live in the studio – the very last interview we filmed in the […]Read More