A Place For Myself – “Alive” / “Together”

A Place For Myself – “Alive” / “Together” – Singles Review I could see A Place For Myself catching on well enough.  As I was listening to “Alive” to get a first impression of this project, I felt like all-in-all, we’ve got a pretty decent hybrid between the old and the new goin’ on here.  […]Read More

Sean Shiff – “Together”

Sean Shiff – “Together” – Single Review We’re heading towards four years of checkin’ out this man’s music as these seasons start to change here in 2022…Sean Shiff’s always been a reliable songwriter out there in this scene of ours we share together.  Quaint & pleasant…warm & inviting…storyteller-type tunes…you’d hear words like these thrown around […]Read More

Way-Z – “Together” Feat. Trace The Kid

Way-Z – “Together” Feat. Trace The Kid – Music Video Release/Review Y’all already know I’ve always got time for that good-good positivity in Hip-Hop – and this collaboration from Way-Z and Trace The Kid is a fine example of pretty much all the values we believe in here at SBS.  Championing on behalf of the […]Read More

Kamryn Marie – “Together”

If you checked out the recent episode of the First Five Years on SBS Live This Week – you’ve already experienced the uplifting vibe of singer/songwriter Kamryn Marie in her lead-single called “Together” from her upcoming 2018 album – and good on ya for tuning in to the show!  But!  To make sure we cover […]Read More