Victoria Celestine – “Alive”

 Victoria Celestine – “Alive”

Victoria Celestine – “Alive” – Single Review

Massive YES to this.

I love everything about Victoria Celestine’s new single…which is kind of a given…we’ll likely ALL feel the same about “Alive.”  What can I say?  I have a penchant for melody and fantastic singers – don’t you?

For real, if she keeps up what she’s got going on here on “Alive,” Victoria could very well go on to be the next big thing.  Don’t get me wrong – I can hear the perfection in this track, but I can still hear the potential for her future; there’s something here that’s extraordinary about this artist…an understanding of emotionally powerful melodies and how to express them spot-on vocally.  Musically too for that matter – “Alive” had me right away with the bold piano tones that start up the song, setting the stage for absolutely everything to go right from there for Victoria.  “Alive” embodies the idea of staying in the moment and making the most of it…there’s an indescribably uplifting thread that runs throughout this entire vibe that gains strength as the song plays on.  Victoria reminds me of a female version of Clayton Stroope from Thriving Ivory in how she approaches the sound of her vocals on this cut, which seems to bring out the sweetness in this particular style even more somehow, and that’s A-OK with me.  You can hear how committed and focused Victoria is on every inch of this song…she’s put in a seriously remarkable performance and the songwriting on this single is about as good as it gets in my opinion.

As I’ve often said, sincerity can truly make the difference – and that’s what you get from Victoria here.  Especially on any tune you could consider to be Pop-anything; there are endearing indie & artistic qualities to “Alive” that shine just as bright as the hooks of this single do, giving this track an even bigger chance of crossover success & appeal to the masses.  I mean…are you trying to tell me that the DJs out there aren’t going to want this for a club remix?  Point being, great songwriting like this can travel quite a distance…you could hear this in a Pop version, Dance version, maybe even Country…the possibilities are theoretically endless.  And while a great song is one thing, it still takes an amazing performance to get to the heart of it…without that, it’s just music & words…and that’s perhaps where Victoria somehow manages to even outshine the writing of this song with such a noteworthy & memorable performance.  I think “Alive” is a true case of ‘you couldn’t possibly ask for more’ – what’s not to love about this song?

You want hooks?  She’s got’em.  You want melody?  Tons of it here.  You want technique, musicianship, perspective, and stunning songwriting?  Yep, yep, yep and YEP – you get it ALL here.  Beautiful vocals?  100%.  Victoria is graceful, poised, professional, and completely ready for the big-time, you best believe.  “Alive” reaches out beyond the themes contained within it to expand into an even larger concept overall based on the uplifting and powerful energy that this song has…it’s the sound of the artist herself coming “Alive” and stepping into the spotlight, right where she so clearly belongs.  There’s not a single step out of place…not a moment I’d change; it’s written, performed, and polished into a sparkling gem of 2018 – I will remember Victoria Celestine easily for the next decade based on everything I’ve heard on this song.  I also think the restraint & control plays a big role in that…nothing about this tune is overplayed; “Alive” is as tight as songwriting & execution can be…it stands out completely for quality, not for any kind of gimmicks or hooks that’ll quickly burn out.  I know it’s still a fairly new song on my own list here, but I feel like I could start every freakin’ morning I have left opening my eyes to this subtle anthem – you feel “Alive” when listening to the inspired sound of Victoria’s voice.  Plus you gotta love that drum & piano combo she’s got going on here…it’s truly stunning in every sense of the word…so big but so brilliantly controlled and caressed into this amazingly intimate moment in time that surrounds you sweetly.

At its core, “Alive” is a love song that many of you will relate to, dealing with the complexities and layers of emotions…the good, the bad, the easy, the hard…but most importantly, this song illustrates perfectly, the incredible feelings and reasons that we still all pursue love…that no matter how devastating it might have been in the past, there’s something beautiful still to be found.  That’s when we feel our most “Alive” – those moments when we do find what we’re looking for…could be a day, could be a lifetime – and we never know which…that’s part of what makes that time shared between us so special.  Victoria clearly gets all this…she sounds like the literal definition of “Alive” on her spectacular new single; it has the kind of inspired & empowered vibe that will transfer right to you through shivers down your spine.  Those same shivers that tell you that you’re listening to something truly incredible, which is exactly what this song is…exactly what this artist is for that matter – Victoria knocked this song right out of the park.

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