Freemoor – “Alive”

Freemoor – “Alive” – Single Review THIS! Freemoor might just be the very definition of versatility and hybrid sound.  I am STOKED on this guy! “Alive” crushes…creatively, sound-wise, performance…you name it, Freemoor’s tapped right into the incredible vibes running through this single-worthy tune and taken every moment to its max potential.  With STYLE I might […]Read More

Victoria Celestine – “Alive”

Victoria Celestine – “Alive” – Single Review Massive YES to this. I love everything about Victoria Celestine’s new single…which is kind of a given…we’ll likely ALL feel the same about “Alive.”  What can I say?  I have a penchant for melody and fantastic singers – don’t you? For real, if she keeps up what she’s […]Read More

111 – “Alive”

If you have a look at the video below for the new single “Alive” from Tennessee-based band 111, you’ll see quite quickly that this idea is born out of extremely fresh wounds…much of what you’ll see visually details a ton of the chaos being caused in our world today through footage that is as current/relevant […]Read More