Tuji – “Caribbean Sugar” Feat. Beenie Man

 Tuji – “Caribbean Sugar” Feat. Beenie Man

Tuji – “Caribbean Sugar” Feat. Beenie Man – Single Review

There we go Tuji…that’s the magic we’re looking for homie.

As the man reintroduced himself to the world with a couple new singles called “Summertime Love” & “62” last month, I pointed out that this multi-talented artist known as Tuji still had his best days ahead of him – I just didn’t expect them to come around so soon!  Admittedly, adding a Grammy-award winning heavy hitter like Beenie Man certainly ain’t gonna hurt the process of speeding things up, and along with a couple other voices in the mix, Tuji’s put together a collaborative effort that is bursting at the seams of your speakers with personality and BIG unforgettable hooks.  “Caribbean Sugar” is a completely stellar single, and of the three tracks that I’ve personally heard outta Tuji’s catalog to-date, this one shows he’s making serious moves with his music and has the ability to create cuts that’ll have everyone listening craving another spin.  No joke y’all – “Caribbean Sugar” feels like the wild hybrid vibe this summer was so desperately calling out for but had yet to receive…and right before the season wraps up, Tuji dropped this cut to make sure none of us go wanting as we head into fall.  What else can be said?  Some heroes don’t wear capes!

While I think it’s absolutely fair to say there’s nothing about this single that doesn’t work perfectly, let’s be real here – it’s gonna be tough to outshine the main hook of “if you want to lick my lollipop…C’MON!” – that’s straight-up brilliant and as memorable as it gets.  Combined with the bright energy of the music, and the personality of one of Dancehall’s greatest artists delivering the goods on the m-i-c, I’m tellin’ ya, the results pretty much can’t be beat.  By all measures and standards, Tuji should have himself a massive hit on his hands with “Caribbean Sugar” and if I was him, I’d be pushing this track out there into the world as far and wide as it’ll go.  The music has color and LIFE in its veins…the multiple voices we hear on the mic throughout the song from the leads to the background supporting, all play a significant role in the overall success of a single like this one…the writing, concept, theme, and production are all as on-point as you could ever hope for.  The execution is flawless and as professional as it gets, and beyond all that, the authenticity you wanna hear in a new song/artist breaking out is threaded into every moment of “Caribbean Sugar.”  In short, I know I liked what I heard from Tuji before, but I LOVE this single, 100%.

In fact, I can say with some certainty that unless he’s struck a genuine vein of gold creatively, he’s got a single that’s so damn good, that whatever comes next is gonna have a very hard time comparing to the magnitude of “Caribbean Sugar” – it’s rare you’ll find an artist reach this level in back-to-back releases, but you never know…it’s not impossible and Tuji definitely has the talent & dedication required to make it happen.  His bars and energy really pop in the right way on “Caribbean Sugar” as he kicks off the new single, and you can hear how everyone in the mix subsequently fed off that inspiration, because with every additional dimension of this track, it simply got better & better until it became outright irresistible.  Not only do you get great performances from the vocals, you’ve got three or four completely different styles and approaches when it comes to what’s happening on the microphone as well.  Which can often be a risky move of sorts…you almost chance the possibility of overloading listeners by trying to do everything all at once – but Tuji & his crew found the sweet-spot where entertainment reigns supreme and the balance required to make things both different and cohesive at once, is thriving.  Every club out there that wants to convince their customers that the summer of 2023 ain’t over yet NEEDS to have this song bumpin’ loud & proud straight from the dance floor and booming right out into the city streets.  I can’t say enough about “Caribbean Sugar” – it’s as single-worthy as a song could be…that’s what’s real.

While Tuji arguably plays more of a supporting role himself, that’s not at all a bad move in the art of making music.  You wanna know what the RIGHT move is?  The right move is recognizing when you’ve got something special and knowing the right people to enlist to bring the whole vision to life exactly as you heard it in your head – and that’s what Tuji has done here.  So…sure…maybe we don’t get as much of the main man in charge on this particular track as we just experienced with his previous two singles, but make no mistake y’all, this is still his boat and he’s the captain here.  He steered this cut to victory by making the right choices and finding the right artists to assist in order to give “Caribbean Sugar” the best chance of success, and the shining results achieved speak volumes on behalf of what they’ve achieved.

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