Tuji – “Caribbean Sugar” Feat. Beenie Man

Tuji – “Caribbean Sugar” Feat. Beenie Man – Single Review There we go Tuji…that’s the magic we’re looking for homie. As the man reintroduced himself to the world with a couple new singles called “Summertime Love” & “62” last month, I pointed out that this multi-talented artist known as Tuji still had his best days […]Read More

Tuji – “Summertime Love” / “62”

Tuji – “Summertime Love” / “62” – Singles Review This dude has lived quite the life already, and he’s still got his best days in front of him. To summarize his bio briefly for ya, Tuji’s been in the game since he was about twelve years old, way back when he first started realizing he […]Read More