TonAsh – “I Yi (Remix)” Featuring Bodine Victoria & Chase Fernander

 TonAsh – “I Yi (Remix)” Featuring Bodine Victoria & Chase Fernander

TonAsh – “I Yi (Remix)” Featuring Bodine Victoria & Chase Fernander – Music Video Release/Review

Back-to-back & all up in your screens & speakers – we went digging into some of the music that artist TonAsh put out last year as well to check out the 2018 single/video for the “I Yi (Remix)” featuring Bodine Victoria and Chase Fernander, in addition to turning up & tuning into his latest cut “How It Go,” which posted up right before this did.  You can find that at our pages by clicking here, and you should!

Produced by Nate Vibez and supported by a video created by Jiggy Productions, TonAsh’s “I Yi (Remix)” looks like a full-on cinematic experience onscreen.  Beautiful bodies left & right, stunning scenery in all aspects, powerful voices from every emcee on the mic, all brought to life vibrantly in the tribal-inspired video – everything you’ll see is as enticing to the eyes as the song is to the ears.  Gettin’ it done right for sure, you can see from the thousands of hits this song has already racked up since release that this single is being recognized for its uniqueness amongst the people out there – and it should be, this visually looks like it would have taken a lot of effort & planning to pull off, and the stellar end results verify that all that time was time very well spent.

Because as cool or as sexy as any outfit may be, or how awesome the surrounding setting might look like – without material & substance in the music and on the microphone, it’d all be for nothing right?  That’s where TonAsh shines even brighter here by taking this track even further, collaborating with & enlisting the A-list support from Bodine Victoria and Chase Fernander on the m-i-c.  Not only does “I Yi (Remix)” have its own alluring sound in the surface melody & low-end bass combo goin’ on in the music, but it’s also got three competent & talented forces on the microphone to push this track to the top of playlists.  Don’t get me wrong, the King still stays the King – TonAsh is as solid and reliable, stylistic and smooth as ever – but make no mistake dear readers, dear friends – the two Queens in this track ain’t givin’ up the throne any time soon either, know what I’m sayin?’  Bodine Victoria takes on the second verse and instantly switches up the energy to suit her own style & flow on the mic, making an instant impact on us with hot bars spit powerfully like the boss she IS – awesome verse from this emcee.  And somehow – it keeps on gettin’ hotter as “I Yi (Remix)” continues on, with Chase Fernander spittin’ fire & true attitude into her verse, revealing slick & sly lyricism that glides right into the mix & along with the vibe.  Undeniably a collaboration between them that’s got the magic & in full-effect, these three artists sound like they could take over the globe together on “I Yi (Remix)” – check it out for yourself below!

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