TonAsh – “How It Go”

 TonAsh – “How It Go”

TonAsh – “How It Go” – Music Video Release/Review

Comin’ at ya from Nassau City in the Bahamas, modern-day Rap/R&B/Club-artist TonAsh brings the kind of style, swagger, and genuine finesse to the game that makes a difference.  Flexing star quality from the visuals onscreen in his new video & single “How It Go,” to the spectacular moves he makes on the microphone – there ain’t no doubt that TonAsh has the authentic gift for entertainment locked down from sight to sound.  We’ve got a couple of his vids for ya here at the page today – make sure to check out TonAsh’s other new joint called the “I Yi (Remix)” featuring Bodine Victoria and Chase Fernander by clicking here.

Taking his worldwide sound into the underground – parking lot that is – you’ll find TonAsh chillin’ out & tippin’ cups of JD & blowin smoke with a beautiful lady & a sweet ride parked in beside them in the video for “How It Go.”  Filled with clever, eye-catching edits & effects, the vid shot by Ifocus Visuals and produced by King Corn Beatzz when combined with the natural born entertainer that TonAsh clearly is…well homies, that’s just a recipe for straight up good times all-around, you feel me?  And make no mistake – TonAsh has got BARS yo!  Listen to this man when he’s rollin’ through the flow of his rhymes – the man has flawless precision and can shift speeds, transition, or break it all down with the best of’em.  Hooks make their mark…the entire vibe has uplifting energy to it.

Always thinkin’ bigger” – it’s plenty clear that TonAsh has got his eye on the prize and his head in the game.  Even the beat he’s working with on “How It Go” and how it flexes & bends like a melted melody sitting out in sun too long stands out for its innovative sound and the challenge it would have created to find the perfect rhymes to fit to it.  And yet here we are, TonAsh conquered this with confidence and material people can truly vibe on.  Sounds awesome for sure yo!  This versatile R&B/Rap combo is loaded with hooks to entertain ya – you know “How It Go” people – do the right thang and check this new video from TonAsh below!

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