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Thy Veils – “Here We Are Sidereal”

Thy Veils – “Here We Are Sidereal” – Single Review I tell ya…I always end up learning something new through the music of Thy Veils, or being introduced to some niche aspect of culture I’d never know about, or having my mind blown by the uniqueness found inside this Daniel Dorobantu-led project…and more often than […]Read More

Thy Veils – “Upstream”

Thy Veils – “Upstream” – Single Review Hopefully…with the degree of my ranting and raving about Thy Veils last year while reviewing singles like “Influx” and “Lina Luna,” there are at least a few more of ya out there familiar with the name of this stunningly innovative Electro art-music project.  In the event that the […]Read More

Thy Veils – “Influx”

Thy Veils – “Influx” – Single Review Ayyyy this is always a treat for the ears – it’s our favorite project based out of Romania, Thy Veils! While, sure, it’s fair to say that we don’t get a ton of competition for that top spot with respect to where this Daniel Dorobantu-led project comes from […]Read More

Thy Veils – “Lina Luna”

Thy Veils – “Lina Luna” – Single Review Now this right here is pretty much the kind of find that gets me out of bed in the morning each day, hoping I’ll discover.  Meet Thy Veils, based out of Timisoara, Romania – they’re a project that possesses the true magic of music and an aura […]Read More