Therma – “Die Another Day”

 Therma – “Die Another Day”

Therma – “Die Another Day” – Single Review

Alright…so.  I’ll be real with ya…without pushing play, band name + title + artwork…I mean…I would have thought that would have equated to Metal.  What a pleasant surprise!  Not that I don’t dig me some Metal – sure I do – but I’m a melody guy when it comes right down to it; and though Therma had me believing otherwise for a moment there, pushing play instantly resolved the rest of my questions and revealed what kind of band this REALLY is.  Therma is Nu Pop…or…Alt Emo…or…Indie Rock…or…

…you know it’s probably best to let you decide all that label stuff anyhow – I just know I like what I hear.

I’ll admit, I don’t know much, and there’s not a whole lot for me to go on here other than the music itself here – I can see a picture at Spotify that potentially implies Therma is a one-man band, and the bio will confirm it…and believe me when I tell ya, unless you’re a serious 007 fan (which I’m not), a Google search on this band ain’t gonna be the quickest thing you’ll encounter!  I got sucked right into page after page of James Bond results…which might just be something Therma has to live with when it comes to this particular single.  The internet is one massive black hole and it’s easy to get lost in when it comes to the information side of things, as we all know from the times we’re living in – but to be fair, as far as I can tell, “Die Another Day” is the debut cut from Therma as well.  Like I always tell ya folks – the music comes first, the details come afterwards, and rightly so – I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We can piece together the puzzle over time as long as we’ve got something rad to listen to in the meantime, you dig?

What I can tell ya for sure is this – there’s no need to spend your days and nights wondering whether or not Therma’s gonna make it – you can relax when it comes to that.  It would almost be strange for this dude not to make it if I’m being real with ya – so spoiler alert, he’ll get to whatever version of success he’s seeking out just fine, I assure ya.  There are far, far too many bands & artists out there in the firth and tenth years that are nowhere close to the level Therma’s at in this debut single…so believe me, if it’s a matter of where my attention is required to make this whole scene BETTER – Therma ain’t gettin’ a single ounce from me…other than to willingly jam a track like “Die Another Day” just cause it’s freakin’ solid from start to finish.  The point I’m making is simple – all the instincts, talent, and capabilities are right there beaming back atcha through the speakers as you listen to this single – Therma doesn’t need any advice from me on how to do things any better in the future when the results you’ll hear already speak volumes on behalf of what’s being done NOW.  The energy, the melody, the electric vibe – the JUICE y’all – Therma’s got it, and delivers at a professional level far beyond what you’d expect to find in a debut, and certainly also usually on these pages of ours.  How did you even get here Therma?  You’re supposed to be takin’ meetings with the suits & ties and gettin’ pen to paper on some contracts & deals for tours & whatnot…I don’t know how you found our little corner of the internet, but I’m thankful for it.

It’s not just a matter of performance, it’s not just a matter of talent – there’s no doubt that Therma checks those boxes with ease when you listen to a track like “Die Another Day” – but there’s an entirely different reason as to WHY that is, and it comes down to justified confidence in the material from killer songwriting & knowing the song inside & out.  Therma didn’t just step into the studio to push record – this band/this dude went in ready for the moment and with something to prove – and when you listen to the words, you know that’s exactly what this song really needed.  Conquered this cut he did, 100%.  It’s all about holding nothing back and going for it – to live without fear and “Die Another Day” because right NOW you’re way too busy kicking not just some, but ALL of the ass in life – you following me?  That’s what it SOUNDS like!  It’s about recognizing that we’re living, breathing, kicking, and thrashing…and for as long as we are, we should be be thankful for that, and using the time we’ve got to the absolute maximum of its potential, just like Therma did with this very song right here.  So you see?  It’s not only a smart theme, but clearly a personal one that’s also based on personal experience that brings it all full circle from the concept to the final results you’ll hear…and it’s also something I think a great many of you out there listening will certainly relate to.  We get one life – Therma’s encouraging you to get out there and LIVE IT out loud – “Die Another Day,” because you’re too busy living THIS one, and loving every second of every minute it has to offer, the good & the bad.

Tons of skill & insightful perspective here.  Therma’s got a vibrantly gripping sound that’s completely ready to roll, or at the very least, this dude’s got a massive future when it comes to the songwriting industry…I’m kinda inclined to assume BOTH.  Talent like this can’t help but get the recognition it deserves in time; Therma’s makin’ magic on this cut and started a chain of events for the future to come that’s now been put in motion, with momentum that’ll take this project straight to the top.

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