Therma – “Dreams I Forgot”

Therma – “Dreams I Forgot” – Single Review Ayyyy…right on!  Therma’s back in action!  I like this dude. Ohhhh no!  I had nothing but great things to say last time!?! Well that’s gonna make this awkward… Okay…it’s nothing quite so tragic.  I’m feelin’ like we might have rushed things a bit in some areas this […]Read More

Therma – “Die Another Day”

Therma – “Die Another Day” – Single Review Alright…so.  I’ll be real with ya…without pushing play, band name + title + artwork…I mean…I would have thought that would have equated to Metal.  What a pleasant surprise!  Not that I don’t dig me some Metal – sure I do – but I’m a melody guy when […]Read More