The Two’s – “Lullaby”

 The Two’s – “Lullaby”

The Two’s – “Lullaby” – Single Review

Love it.  The Two’s are standing on completely solid ground with this single.

Based out of New Orleans, the duo of Ruby Rendrag & Suki Kuehn fully prove that a band of two can have everything you need to successfully compete for the top-spot honors of your playlists out there.

For real!  This isn’t just a really cool song, this is genuinely exciting!  It’s artistic, it’s refreshing, it’s flawlessly assembled…the performances from Ruby (Vocals/Guitar) and Suki (Cello) are spectacularly inspired…the instrumentation is absolutely awesome, the vocals rise to the occasion to match – I mean, what else could you ask from The Two’s other than exactly what they give ya on their single “Lullaby?”

Truly impressed, I most certainly am.  The Two’s attack this dreamy Indie/Pop experience with a fierceness you wouldn’t expect to find in what appears to be & sounds like a fairly gentle tune – and arguably, through the flawlessly smooth flow & structure that they weave together so fantastically here, you could still say this is a mellow song and no one would fight you either.  The Two’s merge both energy and melody perfectly as one on “Lullaby,” giving it just enough of everything it needs throughout the song from additional spark & edge when it’s called for, to chilling right out & letting the instrumentation take the spotlight for a moment.  You regular readers know I love to hear the balance of power within a band – and that applies to bands of two as well; to hear the unity and harmony that exists between Ruby and Suki radiate so powerfully, confidently, and professionally as they roll through this song & complement what each other brings to the music individually…is nothing short of awesome.

Best way I can prove that to you is to explain how I would hear a track like “Lullaby” in my own head.  I think for myself, and likely most of us, we’re going to come away from that first experience absolutely stunned at just how purely incredible the vocals of Ruby are and how exquisitely dreamy, graceful, and BOLD these hooks of “Lullaby” come out as a result.  Like I’ve often commented here, many of us gravitate towards a singer or front-person of a band nearly by default and I’m no exception to that rule – but the facts are facts here, Ruby puts in such a remarkable performance you couldn’t possibly take your ears off of what she brings to this song, especially on those first couple spins.  Once you get a grip on how excellent all of what Ruby does is, you start to really absorb just how essential Suki’s cello is to a song like “Lullaby” and how much incredible character & personality it brings to the music of The Two’s.  Like towards the middle of this tune…approaching the two-minute mark as you exit a highlight moment from Ruby on the mic, and you listen to this song shift and transition so beautifully into the solo from Suki…then right back into the stunning verses of this song that have hooks strong enough to rival any chorus out there…I mean, this is just continually engaging and relentlessly amazing, start to finish y’all.

And for what it’s worth – FUN!  Lyrically, it’s as unique as the band itself is…and I think The Two’s are a seriously sparkling gem of complete fantasticness – let’s just be clear about that.  The gorgeous tones from Ruby’s vocals are captivating, warm, and inviting…even when she’s singing about ‘forgetting dreams & running away’ – I’m not going ANYWHERE lady-friend…not if The Two’s sound like this I’m not – I’ll be right here with my face glued so hard to the speakers it’ll leave ripple marks on my cheeks tyvm.

The Two’s “Lullaby” sounds to me like a brilliant fusion of the depth of songwriting & melodic ideas of a band like Belly (90’s Belly…the great and only Belly that matters kids…) crossed with the uplifting attitude & energy of a band like The Submarines, and the sharp focus & execution with just a hint of intensity like Heart was famous for bringing to their material.  The latter of which, could verifiably be a strong influence on The Two’s…they’ve been fortunate enough to play as openers for Heart in the past.  Somewhere in between that stunning supercharged charisma of singers like Ann & Nancy, or someone with the swagger & cool like Chrissie Hynde…Ruby is right there hangin’ out with a similar set of skills, talent, and abilities for sure.  The fact that Suki brings such vibrant & colorful charm, tension, beauty, and drama to the music through the absolutely breathtaking way he plays the cello, is all the icing on the cake that this duo needs to make an impact with listeners out there.  Essentially what I’m saying is, they’re clearly loaded with individual talents of their own – but combined as they are here on “Lullaby” – believe me, these two are a complete force to be reckoned with, making music that MUST be heard.

Stoked on every ticking second of this new single by The Two’s – incredible job all-around Suki & Ruby.

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