Jacapello – “Lullaby”

Jacapello – “Lullaby” – Single Review I tell ya folks…we’ve certainly come a long way as artists.  I’m sittin’ here, listening to a single called “Lullaby” by Jacapello, based out of the UK…and not only am I doing that from way over here on the other side of the globe in Canada, but I gotta […]Read More

The Two’s – “Lullaby”

The Two’s – “Lullaby” – Single Review Love it.  The Two’s are standing on completely solid ground with this single. Based out of New Orleans, the duo of Ruby Rendrag & Suki Kuehn fully prove that a band of two can have everything you need to successfully compete for the top-spot honors of your playlists […]Read More

Franki Love – “Lullaby”

Franki Love – “Lullaby” – Single Review It doesn’t get any better than what you’ll read on the about pages of Franki Love’s social media…the purest of intentions are right there in plain English; if you look under interests, you’ll read a mission statement of sorts…”To serve humanity with love & music.” I ask you […]Read More