SR.Gent – “Winner”

SR.Gent – “Winner” – Single Review “They say I make BIG music, and I agree,” might just go down as the best quote I’ve seen & pulled direct from any artist’s pages this year!  I know…we’re still another 364 days away from being able to say that for a definitive fact, but I’m sticking with […]Read More

WALL OF FAME: Best New Sound of 2021 – Polyphonic

Never underestimate the power of the EP! This Cosmic Funk/Progressive Jazz band based out of Norway proved just how mighty an EP can be this year, going up against nine other incredible acts in our top 10 that had all put out full records in 2021 for our annual quest/reader-vote for the SBS Best New […]Read More

WALL OF FAME: Best New Sound of 2020 – Joho

Joho left no one out there listening with any doubts about his potential or the momentum surging throughout his breakout year in 2020.  While the savvy fans out there can trace his career back to around seven years ago with the release of his First Steps record – Joho came roaring back, inspired like never […]Read More

WALL OF FAME: Best New Sound of 2019 – Headtrip

MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to the remarkably innovative Headtrip Acoustic Project and the legion of fans that voted them to the top of the pack in this year’s quest for the BEST NEW SOUND of 2019!  As those of you that have been nominated in the past already know, the competition is a marathon, not a sprint […]Read More