SR.Gent – “Winner”

 SR.Gent – “Winner”

SR.Gent – “Winner” – Single Review

They say I make BIG music, and I agree,” might just go down as the best quote I’ve seen & pulled direct from any artist’s pages this year!  I know…we’re still another 364 days away from being able to say that for a definitive fact, but I’m sticking with my gut here – I love a line as direct & straight-up as that quote is, and at the very least, SR.Gent is settin’ the standard HIGH for the rest to follow right from the drop of 2022.  Close to the drop anyhow…technically, “Winner” doesn’t actually come out until February 24th this year…but you get the idea – if I’m over here listening to it already, you can assume he’s good to go.  I’ll vouch for that in fact…this shiny cut’s full of single-worthy sound, and just waiting for its moment.

Mark those calendars y’all – SR.Gent will be ready towards the end of February to melt away whatever’s left of the snow with the heat generated in the vibes & hooks he’s firin’ up in this brand-new single here.

No joke – this track BEAMS outta your speakers with bright sound, and when you hear the lyrical themes that drive “Winner,” you know it wasn’t just a solid choice entertainment-wise, but also important when it comes to finding the right vibe to suit what SR.Gent is rappin’ & singin’ about.  This track is all about rising up above the rest…showing those that once held you down that they could never really hold you back – and through the tale of his own experiences laced into the lyricism, you can hear the resilient spirit of SR.Gent and his genuine desire to prove he’s got the talent it takes to make a permanent impression on your playlists.  It’s about putting the pedal to the metal and surging full-speed ahead, despite what anyone has to say or any doubts the haters out there try to put in your mind along the journey…it’s about leaving all that negativity behind once & for all, and blazing a trail forward from here – no lookin’ back.

While that all sounds heavily philosophical & all-that, which “Winner” IS to a degree for sure on a lyrical level, the relevant style & upbeat sound of SR.Gent’s music and the way he handles his bars & hooks essentially provide y’all with real multi-dimensional entertainment.  You COULD be like me, and start cracking right into the lyrics, piece together this story, relate it to your own life, and dig right into what’s ultimately a personal tale built to inspire – or you could simply vibe out, turn it up, and enjoy it without having to get too deep with it, because that’s entirely an option as well.  Like on a surface level, if you were just walking down the street and heard this song from a car passing by, you probably wouldn’t realize how much meaning there IS in a cut like “Winner” and probably just hear the main hooks at first – you’ve always got the option in how you listen to music of course – I’m simply saying that, there’s more than mere shiny sounds at work here in this single…it’s as intelligent as it is entertaining.  You can prove that to yourself through the content itself, or you can prove that to yourself by listening to the fluid flow and natural ease that SR.Gent brings to his words – he’s got authenticity in his delivery, and makes his words real for us as we listen to him.  He’s ready to take 2022 straight off the line and cruise on into his future – and through the performance he’s put in…the focus in his songwriting, the catchy hooks, and the clever way this whole single flows – you know the desire he’s got to make it to #1, is real.

I suppose the real truth of it all is, if you’re gonna make a song called “Winner,” it better sound like one too, right?  Good thing for SR.Gent that he’s got that workin’ out real nice in his favor here – I really can’t imagine many people out there not digging this single if I’m being truthful with ya.  There’s that invitational sound running right through “Winner” that makes you want to turn up for it, you know?  Crossover, hybrid, party vibes like you might find in something similar like Wiz Khalifa or even Shwayze – there’s no doubt about the massive level of appeal in a track like “Winner,” that’s what I’m getting at.  There’s universal sound at work goin’ on here people – I’m tellin’ ya SR.Gent can’t lose with “Winner” – remember you heard it here first, and make sure to be ready for its official release this February 24th!

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