SBS Podcast 109

Join us for another trip through the awesomeness of the independent music-scene on the Proof Of Purchase sub-series of the SBS Podcast!  Stocked full of bands & artists we know we can count on to deliver the audio gold we’re looking for – we’re here to celebrate Bandcamp Friday once again with a lineup of […]Read More

William Elvin – “The Tragedy Of Gilbert”

William Elvin – “The Tragedy Of Gilbert” – Single Review I’m just gonna toss this idea here out into the open…a collaboration between artists William Elvin and Ete AhPing would likely be one of the most glorious things Pop/Rock/Indie could ever experience, just sayin.’  And that’s obviously not to say that they both can’t hack […]Read More

William Elvin – “Tram (Quarry Bay To North Point)” /

William Elvin – “Tram (Quarry Bay To North Point)” / “She’s Not Taylor Swift” – Singles Review Oh how time flies when you’re having fun in quarantine don’t it?  I was just commenting about this the other day in realizing how long it had been since we last had the band Evoletah on our pages…and […]Read More

William Elvin

A sincere, warm-welcome back to William Elvin of William Elvin And The Circus Tour to our pages once again for another interview!  I had an absolutely amazing time talking with him about the expansion & evolution of his music over time and what’s currently inspiring him along his adventures. Now…I know he’s a thoughtful writer […]Read More

William Elvin And The Circus Tour – “But I Love

William Elvin And The Circus Tour – “But I Love No One But You” – Single Review I’m guessing lots has changed for young William Elvin since the last time we had a chance to interview him on our pages.  Take for example…well…the very moniker of the name on the review here, William Elvin And […]Read More

William Elvin

Interview with William Elvin SBS: William – thanks so much for joining us and taking some time to talk to us all! We are about half a world away from each other location-wise with you being based in Hong Kong and us here in Canada; and as I was sitting here typing this out at […]Read More