William Elvin – “The Tragedy Of Gilbert”

 William Elvin – “The Tragedy Of Gilbert”

William Elvin – “The Tragedy Of Gilbert” – Single Review

I’m just gonna toss this idea here out into the open…a collaboration between artists William Elvin and Ete AhPing would likely be one of the most glorious things Pop/Rock/Indie could ever experience, just sayin.’  And that’s obviously not to say that they both can’t hack it on their own – quite the opposite; they’re both two exceptional songwriters that have an incredible grip on what makes music connect and are capable of creating incredible Beatles-esque melodies for the modern day.  They both have a collaborative spirit when it comes to making their music too, despite both rocking solo careers…you never know…I’m tossing this out there as one heck of a great idea…maybe we’ll see it happen one day.

Anyhow!  We’re here to talk about the new single from William Elvin right now, so let’s do that – it’s called “The Tragedy Of Gilbert” and it comes from his upcoming 2020 record titled Faces And Phases.  If you’ve read past reviews of Elvin’s music on our pages here, you’ll know I admire this man’s songwriting greatly, and almost always like, love, or get addicted to the tunes this guy has shared with us over the years.  True to form, William’s serving up a sweet slice of songwriter’s delight on “The Tragedy Of Gilbert” – there’s a lot of heart in this melody and a ton of detail in the words you can really dig into.

Just don’t let your ears deceive ya – pay attention to the title y’all…

There are so many things going right for William on this song that I basically wanna scream about it from the rooftops so all these locked-down neighbors of mine can hear me.  This is the real craft of songwriting on full-display in ways you couldn’t possibly miss or not completely appreciate.  Listen to the peppy & sweet, upbeat demeanor of the music…and then dive right into the twisted tale that Elvin expertly reveals to you piece by piece, detail by detail.  You know how there are some singers out there that seem to have this uncanny ability to find a whole level of space to fit the words in without feeling like it’s all been overstuffed?  That’s where William really shines here…the level of detail in his lyricism is astoundingly vivid…”The Tragedy Of Gilbert” plays like a story you can see in your mind frame by frame.

And at first, heck ya, it’s a beautiful little tune ain’t it?  It sure sounds like it.  Guitars sparklin’ and quaint beat rockin’ along with the gentle bass-lines and William’s sweet vocals layered on top for all to hear.  Throughout that first verse as we’re introduced to the character of Gilbert, everything sounds like it’s gonna be just fine, wouldn’t you say?  Just another day in the life of Gilbert…what on earth could go wrong, right?  Certainly nothing too horrendous inside of a vibe as welcoming & warm as this – yes?

Well buckle-up homies…cause you’re not going to see the way this story twists coming even if I’m telling you right here in words to warn ya!  What an awesome set-up William creates for this storyline & scenario…like…as IF you don’t feel like everything is as sunny-side up as it sounds as Elvin shifts into that first chorus – you know you’re right there with him and enjoying how utterly…pleasant & serene…everything appears to be.  And yet, by the end of the second verse, you could potentially feel entirely different – and therein lies the real magic in “The Tragedy Of Gilbert” – not only does it end up possessing a serious amount of contrast between the joyful playfulness of the music and the devastating words that are eventually revealed to us, but if you genuinely enjoy an engaging story you can follow in the music you listen to, you really gotta check this single out!  Gilbert sure goes through some stuff, that I can tell ya…I don’t wanna give everything away because you should definitely experience this for yourself.  Life sure doesn’t always go the way we assume it will…it didn’t for Gilbert as far as I can tell, and this song certainly illustrates just how many twists it can throw at a person just trying to get by, while seemingly surrounded by such bliss at the same time.  It’s got wry & dry humor that’s riotously funny, details that are stunningly descriptive, and moments of pure heartbreaking scenarios that will drop your jaw as you hear all this happen inside of the same song.  “The Tragedy Of Gilbert” gives us all another reason to look forward to the release of Faces And Phases this year…William Elvin crafts truly incredible tunes & there’s no other way to put it other than to say it as simple, plain, and factual as that.

Find out more about William Elvin from the official pages below!

Official Website:   www.williamelvin.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/williamelvinwrites

Spotify:  https://spoti.fi/3ciJgOW

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/happywilliamelvin

YouTube:  www.youtube.com/IamTheWilliamElvin

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