October Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

After such an extraordinary accomplishment of managing to attract the attention of twenty whole music-fans from across the entire planet over only nine short months…it only makes sense that we’d continue to make massive strides, picking up our twenty-first subscriber within just ten months!  So uninspiring!  I cannot even begin to describe the hole this […]Read More

The Foshays – The Foshays First EP

The Foshays – The Foshays First EP – EP Review “We are the cartoon heroes, oh woah ohhhhhhh!” Wait a second…that’s Aqua…my bad, my bad.  Still applies to this though! We’ve been rocking along with this animated crew ever since 2017 technically, way back when I first reviewed the lead-single “Til It’s Gone” by The […]Read More

SBS Podcast 044

An awesome lineup of tunes as we discuss the importance of loving the process & loving the journey when it comes to making your music!  Featuring rants about what you’ll find in the latest music from The Foshays and Paul Denis – with double-shots of their tunes for good measure!   Your official show lineup […]Read More

The Foshays – “All The Leaves”

The Foshays – “All The Leaves” – Single Review Anyone else out there remember the old campaign for Mini-Wheats and the commercials they used to run for it?  I’m paraphrasing my nostalgia here, but it was something to do with how the all-wheat side satisfied the adult in people, while the wilder frosted-side appealed to […]Read More

The Foshays – “’Til It’s Gone”

The Foshays – “’Til It’s Gone” – Single Review Well these guys seem like they’re having fun – sounds like it too! The Foshays are a band based out of Minneapolis Minnesota…a four piece consisting of Harry, Freddy, Franky and Joey that not only bring their own talent to the band, but also make it […]Read More