The Foshays – “All The Leaves”

 The Foshays – “All The Leaves”

The Foshays – “All The Leaves” – Single Review

Anyone else out there remember the old campaign for Mini-Wheats and the commercials they used to run for it?  I’m paraphrasing my nostalgia here, but it was something to do with how the all-wheat side satisfied the adult in people, while the wilder frosted-side appealed to the kid inside us all.

Oddly…The Foshays are a lot like Mini-Wheats.  They’re like the awesomeness of your Saturday morning cartoons with the kickassness of music you actually want to listen to.  In my own humble estimation, that’s a damn near unbeatable combination…you can put me down for at least two bowls of this.

After checking them out for the first time with the insatiably catchy rock-rhythm of their first single “Til It’s Gone” – the Minneapolis-based cartoon-rockers are back with a groovy mix of psychedelic-pop/garage-rock in a brand-new tune called “All The Leaves” – & of course, it’s got spectacular new visuals to go with it.  Have a look & a listen to this new single/video from The Foshays below, and read on for more of our thoughts on the vibrant imagination you’ll find in this band loaded with animated sound & character.

Lighthearted groove-rock, “All The Leaves” has that easygoing, playful & smooth vibe that you’d find in a band like the Dandy Warhols, where it always sounds like the entire band is in on the fun.  Harry, Joey, Franky and Freddy are back in the swing & doin’ their thing on “All The Leaves,” I’ve got a lot of respect for how this whole band approaches both their sound and career overall.  Though it might seem like a fair amount of time has passed in between the last time we heard from The Foshays and now, understand that quality takes time…and that when you’re this dedicated to the art, the craft, the process & the journey itself, that it’s a labor of love completely.  Like many of you out there, I’m willing to wait an exceptionally long time when it comes to something I’ll truly love…you know, if we have to.

I think that the proof is in the pudding, as they say.  The new animated video for “All The Leaves” slays, the song itself continues to establish the sound of The Foshays and solidly builds on where we last left off with “Til It’s Gone,” and all-in-all, I’d be willing to be the people out there will dig what this crew is up to for several reasons, whether it’s audio or visual ones.  Bottom line is that The Foshays tend to put themselves in a truly great position to develop a long-term following with the way they’re going about it all; they’ve got an identifiable throwback sound that has a ton of hooks and their onscreen animated personas are always fun to watch in the videos that come along with their music.  So you see how this is all going down right?  One way or the other, The Foshays are bound to catch your attention…& keep it.

I’ll be talking a bit more about my thoughts on The Foshays during the next episode of the SBS Podcast, so make sure to keep your eyes & ears peeled for that.  For all you weirdos out there right now that are for some reason still reading my words about their new song “All The Leaves” and haven’t clicked the video up top yet, never fear – we’ve got you covered there too, we’ll be playing that tune on the show.  Stoked to have The Foshays on the podcast and genuinely just as stoked that they’re continuing to combine their art & music on several levels that hit the mark of true entertainment.  From the rad guitar tones to the essential keyboard elements, the groovin’ bass-lines and perfectly loose drum beats – “All The Leaves” is more confirmation that The Foshays are really finding their place out there in the music-scene and rooting themselves right into it.  They make material that’s going to last from the studio to the screen and I think their commitment & focus will continually lead this band to exciting new creative breakthroughs and wildly imaginative new ideas along the way – The Foshays will always be synonymous with great entertainment.

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