SBS Podcast 134

We take ya from the light into the dark and all the shades of sound in between through a diverse array of talented innovators, stellar melodies, and all-out great songs on this episode of the SBS Podcast – you know what to do y’all – tune in & turn up!  We’ll be spinning a list […]Read More

SirenBlue – Same But Different

SirenBlue – Same But Different – Album Review I’ve been stoked to come back & tell ya about SirenBlue’s new album Same But Different ever since I got a taste of what they were cookin’ up with the advance single “Every Other Weekend,” just a couple weeks ago when I was reviewing it here at […]Read More

SirenBlue – “Every Other Weekend”

SirenBlue – “Every Other Weekend” – Single Review Ha!  Well how do ya like that?  This is my second experience with UK-based SirenBlue, and even though this time around I got a bio to look at, I still feel like I’m just scratching the surface of who they are and what they’re all about.  In […]Read More

SirenBlue – “Too Deep”

Sign me up – I’m definitely interested in what SirenBlue is servin’ up in 2020. At the time of posting this up, there’s not too much info out there yet on this band…but I’m feeling like there’s also a highly complementary air of mystery in the music of SirenBlue as well after listening to the […]Read More

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