SirenBlue – “Too Deep”

 SirenBlue – “Too Deep”

Sign me up – I’m definitely interested in what SirenBlue is servin’ up in 2020.

At the time of posting this up, there’s not too much info out there yet on this band…but I’m feeling like there’s also a highly complementary air of mystery in the music of SirenBlue as well after listening to the mix of haunting melody-meets-scorching-Rock on the single “Too Deep” – so perhaps less info might actually tell us more right now about what’s going on here.  Even the video itself is shrouded brilliantly in a glossy animation overtop of the realistic scenes in behind, which again, adds even more curiosity as to what SirenBlue is up to overall.  I might have been born with liner-notes in my hand, but I’m not opposed to bands that don’t wanna give everything away right off the drop – they should genuinely make us crave that extra information because we want to learn more based on what we’ve heard, and I’d argue that’s exactly what SirenBlue has accomplished with this gateway single.  I love hearing the melding, hybrid sound they’ve got – I love the passion they draw on when the song kicks into its most intense moments – the music is right on the money, the vocals are a complete asset in SirenBlue – all-in-all, they’ve got a ton of positives working in their favor and a whole pile of memorable hooks that come out hypnotically gripping.  For what appears to be a debut, this band already has a veteran sound that’s inventive, innovative, and creative – akin to something you might find in Curve or Sneaker Pimps at their most amped-up – two bands the underground scene has adored for ages, and SirenBlue is gonna fit snugly right in on those playlists.  “Too Deep” comes from the album Death Or Dreams, which is out & available NOW – and this killer lyric-video they’ve got supporting the lead-single from their debut record adds a wild visual entertainment factor to give SirenBlue even more advantages in reaching the audience this band already deserves – check it out for yourself below!

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