speakeazie – “Sleeping Broken In Your Bed”

 speakeazie – “Sleeping Broken In Your Bed”

speakeazie – “Sleeping Broken In Your Bed” – Single Review

Most of the time, when I’m talking about identity in music & how it can lead an artist or band out there to a lengthy career and a loyal fan-base, it’s usually in the context of encouraging them to do things in a different way so as to avoid drowning in the sea of sameness.  Then there’s good ol’ speakeazie here, who completely gets it, and seemed to come straight outta the gate with more identity than most artists & bands will find throughout the course of their entire career.  When we talk about signature style and all that…these are branches of the same tree…they’re essential ingredients that can greatly assist ya in ensuring your success really.  After a single listen to speakeazie, I can promise ya that you’d be able to pick her out of a playlist amongst thousands of other artists – that’s how identifiable her signature style truly is.  You following what I’m saying here?  There’s a tremendous benefit to being recognized by sound alone when you’re in the music business…listeners from all over the world would be able to hear the uniqueness of speakeazie and know exactly who they’re listening to immediately.  That’s priceless.

For as many advantages as a signature sound or style can potentially generate, what I personally feel can be overlooked in this equation, is how much tougher it is on those that have one to create material that is noticeably different than what they become known for, you know what I mean?  It’s one of those things I suppose…it’s very much a blessing when it comes right down to it, but there are cases where it can be considered a curse too…I can see both sides of that story, and I’ve heard’em both in action too.  It becomes a seriously fine line to walk…you wanna give the fans what they want, but you still need the opportunity to flex creatively as an artist as well, all while keeping everyone engaged and entertained.  It ain’t easy, even if you’ve got the chops to make it happen.  Being different while already being different might just go down as one of the most challenging aspects in the entire craft of making music.  If you’ve read my reviews on speakeazie’s music over the past couple years, or you’ve heard me rant and rave about her on the SBS Podcast, you know she’s had my attention straight from the moment I first started listening to her.  Nothing’s changed in that regard – I love what I’m hearing in her new single “Sleeping Broken In Your Bed” – but I would acknowledge that it’s more of a lateral move for her this time around.

Ain’t nothing wrong with more of a good thing last I checked…so keep on keepin’ on I say…but it is fairly vital to consider a lot of what I’ve said here so far, and use the advice to your advantage in the future.  I’ve always said that when it comes to natural talent like speakeazie has, she needs such little guidance if any at all – she’s going to continue to excel with her music, and she’ll go through many evolutions as an artist.  While I don’t think we’re in one of those moments right now, I do think that if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard from her previously, that there will be absolutely nothing stopping you from loving this song as well.  This is the signature style in full effect y’all…the speakeazie magic you know you love is present and accounted for on “Sleeping Broken In Your Bed.”  A twisted and bittersweet tale of love that is slipping away, speakeazie’s sensational vocals brilliantly highlight the breakable fragility of our emotions, while also providing bold tones that reflect how strongly we can feel about other people.  “Calling me selfish over and over again when it’s you in my head” is a stunning line that instantly caught my attention…”Sleeping Broken In Your Bed” is really about how people need to be loved, but also about how the love we give someone doesn’t always hit in the way that they personally need it to.  Ever been in that situation?  Ever loved someone to your maximum capacity, yet they still somehow need more from you?  There’s a reason that love is the most written about topic in music by far – because we all wrestle with getting it right…finding what we truly need…and hopefully, understanding that we are enough as we are.  The struggle of love in all its many forms, is one of the most relatable themes, ever – and it always will be.  speakeazie is not immune from wanting love just as much as you or I would – she’s human after all – but what you’ll find is that she’s exceptionally gifted at detailing its darker side.  From commentary on obsessions to the devastating effect it can have on the soul…from the bittersweet way it can trap our emotions, to the melancholy we feel when it all goes south on us…let’s be real here – she’s got an incredibly insightful way of reminding us that it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.  Love can hurt ya, and you’ll never know when it’s going to stomp your butterflies next.  You’ll find that songs like “Sleeping Broken In Your Bed” have gothic overtones to’em…or feelings that we’ve typically associated with the genre over its many years.  You’ll also find that comparisons can be made to modern-day minimalism and Dream-Pop as well, though again, clearly these dreams draw on the darker side of the scenario.  The music she uses is always a great fit, but very much like you’ll find in minimalism or Dream-Pop, not too much changes in the background while the vocals are left to establish the majority of the melody and hooks you’ll hear.  Never an issue when you’ve got an icon in the making like speakeazie at the helm…her voice deserves the spotlight, and I highly suspect it’ll always be the number one element of her music that pulls everybody in.  She fearlessly writes about the tough stuff from what I can tell, and I think many listeners out there will certainly appreciate that she does.  Her emotionally fascinating songs are putting words to what a lot of people feel, but would never know how to express like she does.  A song like “Sleeping Broken In Your Bed” might be frighteningly relatable to more than a few of you out there…but I think its songs exactly like this one that confirm we’re never alone.  All speakeazie needs to do is stay the course she’s on…she’s got a winning recipe to make the music she wants to make, and whenever she chooses to make that next leap in her artistic evolution, you can bet on her fan-base coming with her every single time.  I know that I will…this amazing lady has true style & soul combined, and an authentically addictive vibe of her own…she’s the real head of the tortured poets department, as anyone paying attention can tell.

Find out more about speakeazie at her official website at:  https://www.speakeazie.com

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