Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “No Love”

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “No Love” – Single Review If you think about your own collection of artists & bands that you’ve followed throughout the years of your life, chances are you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that the good ones always find their way to a time […]Read More

Damien Q & Granular Injections – “H.O.T.” feat. David Downing

Damien Q & Granular Injections – “H.O.T.” feat. David Downing – Single Review Expanding your circle as an artist can be a great thing…sometimes it can be downright “H.O.T.” folks. I’m about to go & tell ya that this is probably my favorite cut from Damien Q & his surrounding crew again…but there’s almost unique […]Read More

The Punk Crone – “Bad Dolly”

The Punk Crone – “Bad Dolly” – Single Review Let’s see, let’s see…which route do we go this morning?  Do I start with some history?  Do I tell ya about the numerous projects that Sue Williamson has been a part of over these past few years alone and how almost each time she shows up […]Read More

Mandy Rowden – “Sing Hallelujah”

Mandy Rowden – “Sing Hallelujah” – Single Review Absolutely solid stuff from artist Mandy Rowden – I’m digging the sound I hear in her latest single “Sing Hallelujah” – and perhaps even more importantly, I can certainly hear the potential she’s got.  You’ll see labels like Alt-Country attached to Mandy’s music out there…and I wouldn’t […]Read More

Count Our Losses – “Brand New Ordinary”

Count Our Losses – “Brand New Ordinary” – Single Review Crisp & clear, kickass Punk…hard to argue with that. So here’s what I can tell ya.  When I have been searching for that extra spark of solid melodic Alt/Rock, I have reached several times for Nick Passio’s other band 1FM and their Wish You Well […]Read More

Jana Pochop – “Oh My Heart”

Jana Pochop – “Oh My Heart” – Single Review Oh-so-many thoughts…where to start…where to start… Let’s begin with a fun fact you may/may-not know about me already…there’s pretty much no time in any day that I can think of where I probably wouldn’t rather be listening to Jana’s music if I had the option – […]Read More

Turfseer – “Nevermore”

Turfseer – “Nevermore” – Single Review Turfseer is definitely one of the more interesting characters out there in the scene, I’m always willing to give him that.  Dude’s been working away on a harvest of Covid-19/pandemic tunes this year – we’ve seen a couple show up here in review in the past in discussing “The […]Read More

The Charlie Kulis Band – “Come And Getcha Some”

The Charlie Kulis Band – “Come And Getcha Some” – Single Review From the brand-new record called Twisted, we’ve got the lead-single/opening track “Come And Getcha Some” here in review today – and…well…I might just have to cross over to the other side of the fence for a moment here & break my ‘normal’ character…whatever […]Read More

Taylor Roche – “Never Like That”

Taylor Roche – “Never Like That” – Single Review Beautifully heartbreaking. Not just the song mind you…the process as well.  From what I’ve read in my travels around the internet & the information out there, “Never Like That” was quite the emotional journey to create.  Imagine you’re Taylor Roche for a moment…a young dude with […]Read More

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